Professional WFK-PRO Commission declare
WFK-PRO Commission, during the previous weeks approved 4 world titles as follows:
Mr. Andy Burton from England will go to compete with Mr. Diego Bianco From Italy for gaining the championship belt in weight of 64.500 World Full Contact title Class A at night of 10th November.
This event that will promote at the Lecce Italy with attendance of many spectators, is organizing by the WFK representative in Italy, ant it is the first event in Italy.
Mr. Birk WFK President in Italy is promoter of this event and, Mr. Dell Mann WFK President in UK area is supervisor of this event.


Also, Grand Master Goff Vice-President of WFK UK will promote the other event just at the next week at 17th November, which is unrivaled in its type.
Mr. Wes Fagan from England will oppose with Mr. Dartosz Pacco from Germany in Stanley County Durham -* England *. This event that is in name of world full contact championship will promote in weight of 66.900 kg and in A class in 12 rounds and supervisor of this event will be Mr. Dell Mann WFK President in UK area and WFK Vice- President.

Also, 13 days later namely 30th November Mr. Paul Kean President of WFK Scotland will be the host of world full contact championship in weight of 82 kg Class A.
Mr. Paul Kean who is new WFK representative, will promote this event in Bonar Hall Dundee with attendance of a fighter from Scotland in name of Michel Elmslei and a fighter from Italy in name of Marches Paolo.
Mr. Dell Mann is approved as the supervisor on behalf of WFK Professional Commission.

And now 4th December 2007 Manila/ Philippine, wherever more than 10,000 spectators will visit beautiful champion of Mr. Tim Drury from Australia against Mr. Iman Abdullahi  from Iran .
This event is organized in 12 rounds in low kick style Class A in weight of 67 kg by Jonathan Milking WFK representative in Philippine.
It's a great event will promote during the final of 1st Asian Martial Arts Games in Olympic Village of Manila.
This event will support by UN TV and include as the biggest Asian continent event, the supervisor of this event is Mr. Manouchehri WFK world President.

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