in the next fight of WFK PRO division Jasem from Iran will be in the ring with Huny from Egypt.
Promoter is Mohammad Reza Abdi Secretary General of WFK IRAN.
fight will be Thai boxing ,winner will back to WFK-1 2007.

WFK Pro Korea                                                                      15 June 2006

WFK WORLD OFFICE has made an agreement with Organization committee of WSC for promoting a new show in August 27th 2006 in Pyongyang-DPR Korea During world Super championship 2006. WFK President will invite Best fighters to world title class A .More information will update first week of August.

Report By WFK American Office                                              6 June 2006

Mr. Muzammal Nawaz WFK American Vice-President
now nearing competition working with the promoter to host the WFK PRO event in Canada.

The tentative details are as follows:

Date - November 12
Location - Charlottetown, PEI, CANADA
Promoter - Mr. Barry Ogg, PEI

The Pro World Title we are looking are currently is:

Muzammal Nawaz (Canada) vs. Peter Kalivjic (Serbia, via New York)
WFK Light Middleweight World Title


WFK PRO Iran                                                                            5 June 2006

in September, October, November and December 2006 we have some pro Tournament between fighters from Iran, Canada, Uzbekistan , Russia, UAE and probably Greece and Cyprus.

At first week of July heavy weight champion, Iranian Fighter Mr. JASEM will fight with Arab Emirate fighters for world title 91 kg .it's for the first time that JASEM fighting in 91 kg, already he fought in 82kg. This difficult fight will be in Hamedan City, where the JASEM leaving there.

JASEM is very famous in Iran and More 10.000 spaktaros waiting for him.



WFK PRO Uzbekistan                                                                  4 June 2006

Uzbekistan Kickboxing Federation is one of the strong organizations of kickboxing under supervision of WFK.

The head trainer of the federation working so hard to building AHMED one of the dangerous fighter of 67kg low and Thai style to take part in WFK-1 grand Prize .
Ahmed was in ring with Greek fighter in 28th April and he took Belt and authorization WFK-1. In the different fight low kick between Greek fighter and AHMED from Uzbekistan more 10000 spectators called Ahmed ľAhmed ľAhmed, TV SIC and TV Uzbekistan full supported his fight .now he is ready to fight with Japanese fighter.

WFK PRO Russia                                                                         3 June 2006

Ragib Abullaev our official representative in Russia will promote big gala in chelyabinsk for 81kg fighters .WFK officer looking forward to find best of the best fighters and invite to this gala. Last year Ragib Abdullaev promoted WFK /professional tournament at Chelyabinsk in June 2005.

WFK PRO Canada                                                                        2 June 2006

Report by WFK office.
Muzammal Nawaz Canadian full contact fighter is in the waiting list of world title 71kg WFK, the Canadian promoter of WFK PRO invited him to fight; the fight will be in November in OTTAWA. Nawaz is world champion of international organizations of kickboxing sports and he is also president of Canada kickboxing Federation.