WFK Pro England
Posted date: 17th January 2007

During EFK meeting in Paris WFK HQ has made an agreement with WFK-PRO UK representative for promoting a new show in 1st, December 2007 in Kelham Hall Mansion Newark-England. Master Dell Mann WFK-Pro international promoter will invite professional fighters to world title full contact A class to fight with one of the best fighter in Europe for WFK world title Prestige Full Contact match / 12x2 / 75,00kg.
Promoter of show: Dean Sugden [World Champion]
Supervisor: Master Dell Mann
REFEREE: Mr. John Blackledge.

Welcome to WFK Professional Division

WFK PRO Fighter Application 2007
Qualification requirements for WFK PRO:

  1. You must be a professional fighter in Class A.
  2. You must hold a world title or be ranked within the top five in any recognized fighting organization or You must be recognized as a top prospect by any recognizable fighting organization.
  3. all weights are allowed to compete in WFK PRO tournament style competition. (This may change in the future)
  4. The following requirements are needed:
       a) A complete Bio
       b) Videos of your most recent fights

    Entrance into WFK PRO Tournaments and preliminary matches are by INVITATION ONLY.

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