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Report on the Work of IMGC Secretariat

Esteemed Mr. President,
Esteemed executive and other members of IMGC,
Dear representatives of the International Martial Arts Federations,

I, in the capacity of Secretary General, have the honor to present the report on the work of the IMGC Secretariat to this Congress.

F or the past 2 years since we had the Extraordinary Congress full of great dignity and pride of having lighted the first historic torch of martial arts, IMGC has made an epochal turn in its development.

The Secretariat has conducted its work in accordance with the ever-increasing international interest in the IMGC and its Games.

First, the Secretariat has worked to further strengthen the quality of the IMGC ranks.

I would like to confirm to the Congress with due pride that the qualitative composition of the IMGC has been further consolidated as befitting an international organization, thereby attracting the international attention. Many international martial arts organizations have proposed to be recognized by the IMGC and the Secretariat accredited them in consultation with the President. As a result, the International Taekwondo Federation, the World Federation of Kickboxing, the International Federation of Pankration, the World Chinese Kung-fu Association, the International Federation of Amateur Unifight, the World Muay-Thai Federation, the World Oriental Federation and other international martial arts organizations have become members of one family~ in which they are now giving active support to IMGC.

Next, the Secretariat has been involved in the work to successfully open the 2 nd International Martial Arts Games.

For expansion and development of the newly born International Martial Arts Games, it was imperative to select the best host country for the 2nd International Martial Arts Games and ensure its success.

During the 1 st International Martial Art Games, the executive members proposed to hold the 2nd International Martial Arts Games again in Pyongyang. However, a few countries, including India, showed their willingness to host it, and field inspection was done accordingly. Eventually, it was concluded that the 2 nd Games be hosted again by Pyongyang as proposed by the executive members. As a result, we are now having the 2nd International Martial Arts Games in Pyongyang.

While helping the Korean Martial Art Federation, the host organization of the 2nd IMG, with its preparation, the Secretariat contacted the international martial art federations to encourage them to support and assist the current games. As a result, a large number of international federations are participating in the Games, and their representatives are now present at this Congress.

The Secretariat promoted relations with the international martial art organizations focusing on realizing harmony and unity among martial artists.

It is well known that there exist many varieties of martial arts in the world, and each of the martial arts is governed by more than one international organization respectively. Without any bias to any of those organizations, the Secretariat accredits those that have great international influence and can be the main core in achieving harmony and unity in that specific martial art event in the future. The Secretariat sincerely hopes all these martial art organizations unite with each other into one in the future.

The Secretariat has had the IMGC Head Office authenticated by the DPRK Government and has worked in regular contact with the DPRK National Olympic Committee. Now, the IMGC is welcomed by the DPRK Government and NOC, which offer unsparing assistance to the work of IMGC.

This is a brief explanation about the activities of the IMGC Secretariat.

I avail myself of this opportunity to thank the IMGC President and Mr. Jean Claudsup, its adviser, for their good governance to the work of the Secretariat. I would also like to appreciate the presidents and general secretaries of the international and national martial art federations who have kept regular contacts with the IMGC Secretariat and given sincere support to its work.

Dear friends,

Allow me to take this opportunity to touch upon some issues related to further development of IMGC.

First of all, it is advisable for all of us to give unreserved support to each other's

martial art federations for their smooth development. In particular, we should offer active assistance to the work of the IMGC Secretariat.

With the rapid increase of the workload upon IMGC, we cannot be successful in our work without giving selfless help to its Secretariat.

The IMGC Secretariat, in its turn, should be more meticulous in its management to cope with the increased workload thereby performing its mission as the General Staff of IMGC with credit.

Next, we should improve the IMGC structure to perfection and enhance the role of its Executive Board and different commissions. We should also form continental committees of IMGC as soon as possible.

The Martial Art Games Council of Asia (MGCA) has already been formed and active in the Asia, but not in other continents.

We should direct more efforts to organizing regional martial art games committees in Europe, America and Africa.

We should also organize continental and regional martial art games, as well as IMGC Games on a regular basis.

Finally, we should pay due attention to fund-raising for IMGC.

To this end, I think it imperative to find supporters to IMGC and organize the Martial Art Foundation as soon as possible.

Another possible solution is to make the IMGC Games more worldwide to attract TV and other companies to them.

This can be successful not by a will of a certain individual, but when all of us creditably perform our duties as masters of IMGC.

I would like to conclude my report by saying that in the future the Secretariat will do its best to live up to the expectations of the international and national martial art organizations and martial artists.

Thank you.



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