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Report on the 2nd International Martial Arts Games

Esteemed Mr. President,
Distinguished delegates,
Dear friends,
I am happy to report to this Congress on the current games on behalf of the
Organizing Committee of the 2nd International Martial Arts Games.
The great leader of the Korean people Comrade Kim Jong II, though busy with the whole state affairs, paid close attention to the current games,
The DPRK Government took the current games as an event of national importance and provided huge support for its success. It solved many issues arising in the preparation of the games, including use of stadiums, their repair and maintenance, arrangement of different ceremonies and human resources needed for the games.
IMGC and many other international martial art federations have given active support to the work of the Organizing Committee for the success of the Games.
700 competitors from 50-odd countries participated in the 2nd International Martial Arts Games with Taekwon-do, Kickboxing, Pankration, Kung-fu, Muay-Thai, Wushu, Karate-do, Baduk, Sirrum (Korean Wrestling), Dragon Dance, Sambo, Hapkido and
other national martial arts.
The Organizing Committee has done its best to ensure success of all ceremonies within the framework of the Games.
The Organizing Committee paid primary attention to the arrangement of opening ceremony.
Participants in the current Games will be able to deepen mutual friendship and solidarity through the friendship gathering slated for August 27.
The closing ceremony is planned to be held in the Taekwon-do Palace, imprinting deep impressions upon you.

The Organizing Committee has organized visits to historical sites and other places in and around Pyongyang City, including the International Friendship Exhibition in Mt. Myohyang, a well-known mountain in Korea, so that the participants can have pleasant days during the Games.
Expenses appropriated for the current Games are classified as follows:

Stadium rent:                     US$ 300,000
Stadium Maintenance         US$ 40,000
Equipment rent:                 US$ 100,000
Transport:                          US$ 40,000
Reception:                          US$ 25,000
Office expense:                  US$ 25,000
Communication:                  US$ 20,000
Personnel:                          US$ 250,000
Others:                               US$ 10,000
Total:                                  US$ 800,000
With this brief introduction on the current games, I would like to extend sincere thanks to you for the active support you have offered to the Organizing Committee to make the current Games a great success.
I wish you happy and pleasant stay in our country.
Thank you for your attention.


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