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Nikosia - Cyprus

Financial Report to the 4th IMGC Congress

Esteemed Mr. President,

Dear delegates,

I am pleased to be given the opportunity to present the report on the financial situation of the IMGC in the name of the IMGC Financial Council.

It's a pity for me to say that the IMGC fund is nearly zero.

The IMGC has worked with the help of the DPRK Government.

The operational expenses of the !MGC Head Office, including the costs of building the IMGC Head Office and the torch tower which belongs to the IMac, have been taken by the DPRK Government.

The DPRK Government has donated the following amount of money to us.

Construction of Head Office:                       US$ 200,000

Construction of Torch Tower:                      US$ 100,000

Operational expense of the Secretariat:     US$ 100,000

Expense for the 1 st IMAG:                          US$ 600,000

Total:                                                           US$ 1 million


The financial sources of the IMGC are supposed to include membership fee and funds to be donated by supporting organizations, but they do not yet exist in reality.

The Financial Council has not been active at all. presenting this report in its proxy.


Dear friends,

That is the reason why I am Does it mean that there is no way-out to settle the finance of the IMGC?

There is no need to be disappointed.


As mentioned in the previous report, there are many possible ways to settle it.

In other words, if we all join hands to make the International Martial Arts Games a really international event, we will have many supporters coming to us.

Another possibility is the organization of MGC Foundation. I would like to draw your attention to this option.  

We should also consider the issue of membership fee.

Hoping that the current Congress would fully discuss the financial issue of the IMGC, I look forward to your active cooperation for its settlement.

Thank you.



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