WFK Asia
Asian Federation of Kickboxing
AFK first Executive board meeting & IPKL WORLD TITLE FIGHT

WFK Russia

It was for the first time that I traveled the Cheliabinsk.  Mr. Ragib Abdullaev invited me to visit the cheliabinsk condition and facilities for being the host of world kickboxing championship. At the same time he also has arranged a tournament where Uzbekistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Iran attended at it and competed together.

And also he was the host of the first AFK executive board meeting. AFK started the meeting with the attendance of AFK president and general secretary, AFK technical committee representative of Mongolia and AFK vice – president in CIS countries, in order to hold Asian championship 2005 in Mongolia.

After negotiations add consideration, it was decided that Mongolia would be the host of Asian championship 2005 in semi contact, light contact, full contact and low kick styles in senior categories for men &women and also it should hold the Asian junior championship in the other place.

WFK will hold two Asian championships with its Asian federation; AFK, in 2006.

  1. The Asian championship for juniors and the open Asian games for seniors.
  2. The Asian championship for men & women

There is a very great stadium in cheliabinsk.

Our meetings with the sponsors ended with good results. But there are so many candidates for the world championship 2005 and I post poned the decision-making to the executive board meeting which is to be held in Cyprus.