WFK-UK Executive Board Meeting 1 September 2007
Dundee Scotland.

Dell Mann, President
Grand Master Goff Bates, Secretary General
Dean Sugden, Vice President
Amanda Hunt, UK Coordinator
Paul Kean
Neil Kerr
Phil Stanwick

Absent: Denzil Lawrence
Meeting Open: 1 PM

1. Approval of Agenda
All attendees unanimously approved the agenda.

2. Approval of Minutes
Minutes from the last meeting were read by Amanda Hunt. All attendees unanimously approved the agenda.

3. Announcements
WFK Shows for 2007 /2008
Paul Kean Scotland: 30 November 2007
Dean Sugden Newark: 1 December 2007
Grand Master Goff: 20 October & 17 November 2007

4. Open Issues
Insurance: Costing for insurances were handed out by Grand Master Goff, who will deal with all. WFK-UK membership page set up. Costs of Certificates and membership booklets confirmed.
Certificate database to be set up by Phil Swan wick and updated by Amanda Hunt & Grand Master Goff.
Referee & judges booklets passed to show medical record added.
Child Registration Bureau discussed to have all teaching WFK members checked.
Medal presentations to be held on agreed shows, Thailand costs discussed numbers to be confirmed to dell Mann to enable exact castings for each group. All promoters to pay for title belts direct.
All Title Fights to be agreed by grand master Goff, dell Mann and dean Sugden. IMGC World Games April 8 to 12.
Confirmed to committee that parental consent forms must be completed should juniors be travelling without parents.
Tim Drury has joined the WFK as Australian Representative.
Andy Burton to fight in Italy Sat 10th November.
Wesley Fagan on 17 November 2007 Grand Master Goff show
Michael Elmsie on 30 November 2007, Paul Kean show.
UK NMGC has been formed by Dell Mann WFK-UK Bank account to be used under existing account. Any cheques tobe made payable to the E.K.T.C.
Grand Master Goff and Amanda Hunt conducted the first judges and referees course in Dundee, Scotland on 12 August 2007. Referees and Judges to be trained for WFK use.
Grand Master Goff confirmed Junior glove weight to be: 9 years and below 12 oz, above 9 years 14 oz.
WFK ?UK monthly news letter has been set up, e-mail dell Mann with anything to be added.
Phil Swanwick will design any WFK Show posters needed, please e mail him direct with your request. Senior weight categories have been changed in line with the WFK.

5. Next Meeting
To be confirmed

6. Adjournment
Meeting was adjourned at 3 pm

Minutes submitted by Amanda Hunt .Approved by Grand Master Goff Bates

4th WFK Asian Championships
Manila- Philippine
Free flights Free accommodations

WFK HQ is glad to inform you the 4th WFK Asian Championships will promote in Olympic Village of Manila city with attendance of more 8 superior Asian Teams in full contact, low kick styles for men category and full contact style for women category at 29th November 5th December.

These Games that are organizing with full support of Tourism Ministry its budget is determined on behalf of WFK HQ and is including 3 free airplane tickets for arrival and departure to Manila and 6 free accommodations.

WFK HQ is going to promote the 5th Asian Championships Kickboxing in Japan at 2008

600,000 Kick boxers
Under supervision of Martial Arts Federation of Iran

According to the present documents and according to the report of Iran Federation, the biggest National Federation of Kickboxing at world is Martial Arts Federation of Iran that has 600,000 kick boxers.

We receive this news, while Martial Arts Federation of Iran is scrimmage to preparing a power team for attendance at the 4th Asian Championships/2007 at Manila, Philippine.