10th AFK Executive Board Meeting
Participation from 29 Asian Countries
21st until 25th November 2006

Dushanbe - Tajikistan

Asian Federation of Kickboxing


Bobojan Mohammadrasulof   Tajikistan (TJK)

Director General:

Sardor Tashkhodjaev   Uzbekistan (UZB)

Secretary General: Mohammad Hassaniuddin Abid   India (IND)

Central Asian Vice-president:

Armen Saduayev Kazakhstan (KAZ)

West Asian Vice-president:

General Jallal  Maa Albared (SYR)

South Asian Vice-president:

Inam Mullah Khan   Pakistan (PAK)

East Asian Vice-president:

Li Song Chol   DPR Korea (PRK)

South East Asian Vice-President:

Roberto B.Vadez   Philippine (PHI)

Technical committee chairman:

Ali Ghaffari   I.R.Iran (IRI)

Referee committee chairman:

Mohammad Hassaniuddin Abid   India (IND)

Discipline Committee Chairman:

Norolah Shahrokhi   Afghanistan (AFG)

Women Committee Chairperson:

Gulbahar Amantaeve   Uzbekistan (UZB)

Organization Committee Chairman:

Anton Bodykov   Uzbekistan (UZB)

Semi Contact Mode Chairman:

Hossein Dehghani   I.R.Iran (IRI)

Light Contact Mode Chairman:

Omar Atikee  Syria (SYR)

Full Contact Mode Chairman:

Mohammad Reza Abdi   I.R.Iran (IRI)

Low kick Mode Chairman:

Enkhee Cava   Mongolia (MGL)

Executive Board Member:

Alexander Isnagovski  Turkmenistan (TRK)

Executive Board Member:

General Qasem Alwaseti  Iraq (IRQ)

Executive Board Member:

GP Budhathoki   Nepal (NEP)

Executive Board Member:

W.K Lee  Korea (KOR)

Executive Board Member:

Samir Ali Othman  Palestine (PLT)

Executive Board Member:

Povel  Kyrgyzstan (KYR)

Executive Board Member:

Al Goublan Suliaman  Jordan (JRD)

West Asian Kickboxing Federation


General Jalal Maa Albared   Syria (SYR)

Secretary General:

Nader Shokri   I.R.Iran (IRI)


Qasem Alwaseti  Iraq (IRQ)


Mohammad reza Abdi    I.R.Iran (IRI)


Abdullah Ghasemi    (UAE)


 Samir Othman   Palestine (PAL)

East Asian Kickboxing Federation


Li Song Chol   DPR Korea (PRK)


W.K Lee  Korea (KOR)

Secretary General:

Mongolia (MGL)


Mowelliding Abudurexiti   China (CHN)


 Thani    Japan (JPN)

Central Asian Kickboxing Federation


Sardor Tashkhodjaev  Uzbekistan (UZB)


Arman Sadoayev   Kazakhstan (KAZ)

Secretary General:

Bobojon Mohammadrasulof  Tajikistan (TJK)

Member: Povel  Kyrgyzstan (KYR)


Alexander Snagovski  Turkmenistan (TKM)

South Asian Kickboxing Federation


Mohammad Hassaniuddin Abid    India (IND)

Secretary General:

A.J Anandan   India (IND)


GP Budhathoki   Nepal (NEP)


Latif Rahman Khan   Bangladesh (BAN)


Yonten Tarchen   Bhutan (BHU)


Bashir Ahmad RostamZai   Afghanistan (AFG)


Inam Mullakhan    Pakistan (PAK)

Reported by Mrs. Panahi
WFK communication manager
It is a pleasure for me as WFK World President, to officially invite you to take part in our 2006 WFK European Championships of Kickboxing full contact, low kick and Thai boxing modes  that will take place in Cyprus, Paphos 
4th  to 7th  December 2006.
WFK European Championships of Kickboxing will be NOT open to everyone would like participate.
In fact it is an OPEN European Championships just for all WFK members from all around the world.
WFK European Championships of Kickboxing will have more than 250 Competitors from 15 countries.
For any help or for any further information you may require, please contact us at our

phone numbers Mrs. Panahi

+98 811 425 2182 (phone)
+98 811 425 0067 (phone & fax)


4th WFK World Championship 2007
Tajikistan, Dushanbe

Tajikistan had always plaid a big role in WFK history, not only because the AFK HQ is in Dushanbe city, but also because Tajik fighters and leaders have always been quite active and successful.

Actually, we had been missing Tajik promotions for a while and now we are very pleased of being back to this small but old country.
Dushanbe, will be hosting the 4th senior and Juniors WFK World Championships 2007 in semi contact Light contact, full contact.
The prestigious event is promoted by the National kickboxing Federation leaded by Mr. Kamal Saei Moredof under the sanctioning and cooperation of the National Olympic Committee of Republic of Tajikistan,.
The event will gather at least 1200 competitors from more than 50 countries of the five continents.
Dushanbe will also host the WFK General Assembly and Executive Board Meeting 2007.


Report by WFK Head Quarters office                                      3rd October 2006

New Members:

  • 1-South Africa Kickboxing Association

  • 2-Trinidad and Tobago kickboxing Council

  • 3-Pakistan Kickboxing Federation

  • 4-Venezuela kickboxing council

  • 5-Korea kickboxing Federation

  • 6-Italy kickboxing organization

  • 7-japan kickboxing Federation

  • 8-Pan-Helenic kickboxing Federation


Mr. PAT CARNEY has been appointed As Representative in South Africa of World Federation of Kickboxing WFK.

Amateur kickboxing Association of South Africa under the presidency of Mr. PAT CARNEY has been officially recognized by WFK President during Executive Board meeting in (Hamedan, 22nd September 2006) Until Next General Assembly of WFK.

Please be advised that the World Kickboxing Federation (WFK) recognizes the
local governing body in Trinidad and Tobago the National Kickboxing Council
of Trinidad and Tobago (NKCTT) which is represented by Mr. Brendon Burke.
The National Kickboxing Council of Trinidad and Tobago (NKCTT) is acting in
legal ways, as it is provided by its constitution and is therefore authorized
to promote the sport of semi contact, full contact, low kick kickboxing and
Boxing Thai in Trinidad and Tobago.

7th WFK Executive Board Meeting

Iran ,

the 7th WFK Executive Board Meeting was held in Hamedan, Islamic Republic of Iran on 18th until 23 rd September 2006.

Secretary General of AFK and President of All India kickboxing Federation Mr. Mohammad Hassaniuddin Abid from India and vice-President of WFK west Asian federation and chairman trainer's commission of Syria Arab kickboxing federation Mr. Omar Atikkee and Grand Master Jakobsen from South Africa & President of MASSA and Also president of Tajikistan Kickboxing Federation Mr. Saeidmoradof   were represented in the meeting.

The Meeting was chaired by Mr. Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri WFK ,MGCA President, from Iran. Apart from the Olympic Solidarity programs within the Asian, African Continents, the under mentioned important issues were also discussed:

The such as "world championship,

Crisis Management Team Preparedness Plan,
Critical Success Factors in Athlete Development,
Asian Growth in the MGCA
WFK world championship 2007 and 2008

American Championship 2007

African Championship 2007

Asian Championship 2007

European Championship 2007

WFK world cup 2007 and 2008

WFK world super championship 2007





The next meeting for the WFK Executive Board Meeting

Will be held in Tajikistan in October 2006