Welcome to 4th WFK /AFK Asian championship

Supervisor: Mr. Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri
Promoter: Mr. Jonathan Makiling
Chairman: Mr. Ali Soltani
Accommodation: Pan-Pacific 5 Stars Hotel - Free of charge
Conference hall: conference hall of Ship in the sea
Stadium: Olympic Village of Manila
General Assembly: Manila Hotel
Press Conference :Ministry tourism Confreres room



WFK Philippines                                                                      29th November 2007
Better Future for WFK Kickboxing in Philippines

A lot of national kickboxing organizations of Philippines are interested to join WFK; in this case WFK will promote Asian Championships during 1st Asian Martial Arts Games and AFK Congress and election of Administration of Philippines Kickboxing Federation in Manila in first week of December 2007.

Key to city of Manila in Hands of Manouchehri

Manila Mayor Alfredo S. Lim (Right) turns over to Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri (third from right) from Iran, President of Martial arts Games Council of Asia (MGCA), the symbolic key to the city of Manila as a way of welcoming him upon arrival to convene the Philippine Martial arts games Council headed by Jose Dion Diaz, an affiliate of MGCA, to be held at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex from 29th November ~ 5th December. Witnessing the event are from left: CCW chairman Jose Malvar Villagas Jr., overall chairman of the International martial arts and indigenous Exhibit/Festival; former Negros Oriental Vice Governor Pelagio 'Doding' Vilegas Jr., National MIAMAG event coordinator; chairman Emeritus Vice Governors and city Vice Mayors League of the Philippines; Cathrina Magbanua, Head, PFCSDF Marketing division and Chito Balmori Villegas, host of Embassies on the Air at DZXQ and CCW PRO.

Who will be the host of the 5th WFK/AFK Asian Championship?

Asian Federation Kickboxing is only active responsible for kickboxing sport in Asia continent and under support of WFK expanding the kickboxing sport.
This Federation that is founded at 2003 is recognized by Asian Olympic Council at 2005 and after times, it misses its recognition in OCA.
But, immediate MGCA and National Olympic Committee of countries during communicating with AFK HQ asked them to continue the conversations with OCA in regarding to retrieve the recognition.
AFK is continuing to its work as only legal responsible for kickboxing sport in Asia continent and AFK is trying to retrieve itself recognition.
AFK promoted 3 Asian championships in Uzbekistan, India, and Tajikistan successfully and 29th November is start of 4th AFK Asian championship.
AFK promote the 7th General Assembly and 10th Executive Board meeting in Manila by leadership of Babajan Mohammad Rasolof AFK President and WFK Vice- President, by purpose of retrieving the recognition from Asian Olympic Council and also surveying Executive Board works and members and National Federations and also will promote meeting for determination of time and place of the 5th Asian kickboxing championship.
Countries such as Tajikistan, Iran, United Arabic Emirate, Pakistan and India are the main candidates for promotion of the 5th Asian kickboxing championship.
Should see that who will successful to seis the host of the 5th Asian kickboxing championship.

During final weeks of 2007 and 20 organized events by WFK

WFK HQ with sending a declaration to its members, meanwhile thanks for members activity in regarding to expanding and developing the beautiful sport of Kickboxing, declare that WFK will organizing 20 events in countries such as Iran, England, Philippine, Italy , Tajikistan, Greece, Uganda , Scotland, Nigeria, and Georgia at November and December.

In report of Mohammad Reza Abdi WFK- IRAN President, the biggest National championship of Iran, will promote in order to election of persons of National Team of Iran for participation at the 5th World Championship of Thailand in Tehran, at the end of December 2007.

Attendance of 1000 Athletes participant at the 7th WFK IRAN championship is certain.

This is the biggest WFK National Championship of Iran that organizing by Mr. Abdi.