WFK Greece                                                                         29, November 2006

The EFK meeting under the Chairmanship of Mr. Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri WFK President was held in Athens on 29th of November 2006. The meeting was also attended by Founders of kickboxing in Greece Master George Malius and Mr. Dimitrus President of Grappling Submission federation of Greece. Different EFK programs for future were discussed during the course of the meeting.

10th AFK Executive Board Meeting                                     27, November 2006

The 10th AFK Executive Board Meeting successfully concluded in Dushanbe on 21st of November Until 25th November 2006.
The meeting was chaired by Mr. Manouchehri WFK President and IMGC Vice-President, Professor Bobojon Mohammadrasolof Vice-President of NOC Tajikistan and AFK President and Mr. Abid WFK referees committee chairman and Mr. Kamal Saeidmoradof President of Tajikistan Kickboxing Federation and promoter of WFK 4th World Kickboxing Championship 2007.

NOC Tajikistan                                                                     26, November 2006
Report By National Olympic Committee of Tajikistan

We would like to hereby acknowledge you that the Tajikistan Kick boxing Federation is recognized by ministry Sports and National Olympic Committee of Republic of Tajikistan. President of the Tajikistan Kick boxing Federation is Mr. Kamal Saeidmoradof. Tajikistan Kick boxing Federation supports the WFK and AFK. The National Olympic Committee of Repubic of Tajikistan support all activities of sole Asian Kickboxing Federation AFK and also World Federation of Kickboxing WFK too . Please accept the assurances of our best appreciation and consideration. Rajab Aliev President of National Olympic Committee of Tajikistan.
Bahrullo Rajab Aliev President of National Olympic Committee of Tajikistan

WFK Tajikistan                                                                    25, November 2006

According WFK constitution and rules Governmental members are the main members of general assembly. Governmental members are the ones whose government has introduced them to WFK or one of the continental federations under cover of WFK, from the ministry sport or national Olympic committee of their country in an official letter, Tajikistan Kickboxing Federation is WFK Governmental member and Professor Bobojan Mohammad Rasolov Vice-president of ministry sports and national Olympic committee of Tajikistan in official member of WFK and AFK executive Board member. WFK Tajikistan will take part in WFK 4th world championship for Semi Contact, Light Contact and Full Contact styles.

AFK H.Q Office                                                                      24, November 2006

The permanent headquarters of the AFK is in Republic of Tajikistan. Mr. Kamal Saeidmoradof President of Tajikistan kickboxing Federation is Director of the office Work at the headquarters and runs all AFK members and international affairs under the direct guidance of the AFK President. He is assisted by a work force of various nationalities consisting of:

Mr. Poload         Languages: Tajiki, Russian, English
Mr. Khairoddin    Languages: Tajiki, Russain



WFK Tajikistan                                                                     23, November 2006

21st - 23rd November WFK Workshop

As per the decision taken by the 6th General Assembly of WFK held in Uzbekistan, the 10th AFK Executive Board meeting and WFK 16th International Seminars was held in Tajikistan at Dushanbe city from 21st November Until 23rd November 2006. In this meeting participants and officials from many Asian countries participated in the event. During this period on 24th and 25th November.2006, Referees and Judges Training camp, seminar and examination was conducted and in this training camp 20 participants got qualified as world Referees and judges by passing the examination. They also will participate as Referees and Judges in the 4th WFK world kick boxing championship.

The 10th executive board meeting of AFK

Dear Friends,

Please accept our warm greeting from the president office of Asian Federation of Kickboxing located in National Olympic Committee of Tajikistan.

It is my great pleasure to inform you that Tajikistan kickboxing federation is hosting the 10th meeting of executive board of  Asian federation of Kickboxing. Upon the invitation of Mr. Kamal Saydmoradov, the president of kickboxing federation of Tajikistan and the executive board of Asian Federation of Kickboxing (AFK), I am honored to invite you to the 10th meeting of AFK executive board on 21 - 25th November 2006 in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.
Please contact with WFK office in Iran in order to receive visas.
Sending a colored copy of your passport in necessary for composing an invitation.

With best regards,
Bahrullo Radzhabaliev
President of NOC of Tajikistan  

Marketing Committee of WFK

Hossein Amidimehr was appointed as the marketing committee president Through an order by Mr. Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri , Mr. Hiossein Amidimehr was appointed as WFK marketing committee president and started his work. Hossein Amidimehr possesses illustrious background in world/Iran' sports, he has administered the sports commercial project which will be presented to WFK members in the 8th meeting of WFK executive board in South Africa.