WFK World Championships 2007 and National Olympic committee of Georgia

Georgia National Olympic Committee presents its compliments to the WFK and its pleased that the WFK world championships and general assembly will take place in Georgia during 7th until 10th June 2007.
NOC of Georgia will delighted to welcome to Georgia all participants from 40 countries world wide inclusive VIP guests from the WFK .IOC members and 900 participation's.
we express confidence that organizers will organize the event on high organizational level and look forward to our future effective

Labi khaberov
Vice-President of NOC Georgia

Welcome to 4th WFK world championship 2007
Organization Committee of WFK of World Kickboxing Championship

Mr. Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri
Mobile: +98 9125470090
languages (Russia, Arabic, Tajiki, Farsi, English)

General Soso Dolidze (Russia, Georgi, Turkish)
Mobile:+ 99593332277

Hossein Amidimehr (Farsi, English)
Mobile:+ 98 918 811 6857

Director of Organization committee:
Mr.Gocha and Mr.Tomas
(Russia, Georgi, Turkish
Mobile:+ 99593332277

Assistant promoter:
Mr. Shota (English, Russia, Georgi)

Assistant of supervisor &Technical Committee Member:
Mr. Aliberhamn Ak-Soltani 

Technical Committee members of TOCWC:
Ring A: Mohammad Hassaniudin Abid   
Ring B: Bobojom Mohammad rsulof    
Ring C: Ragib Abdullaev                    

Conference hall:
conference hall of Department of Sports

International  sports complex of Tbilisi

General Assembly:
Intercontinental Hotel

(TOCWC2007)                                                                               28th May 2007

Last news from Promoter of WFK world championship 2006 - Georgia
until 28th June countries confirmed list of players and judges and coaches as follows:

Afghanistan           10 fighters 2 official
Azerbaijan            40 fighters 2 official
Albania                 5 fighters    1official
Armenia               60 fighters 2 official
Bhutan                 2 fighters  2 official
Bulgaria               40 fighters 2 official
Bahrain                10 fighters 2 official
Cameroon            5 fighters 2 official
Canada                2 fighters  2 official
Cyprus                 6 fighters 2 official
Daghistan             20 fighters 2 official
France                  7 fighters 2 official
Iran                     39 fighters 3 official
Turkey                 40 fighters 2 official
Turkmenistan       12 fighters 2 official
Uzbekistan           1 fighters 1 official
Kazakhstan          20 fighters 2 official
Ukraine                40 fighters 2 official
Russia                 36 fighters 2 official
Uganda                3 fighters 2 official
Nigeria                 9 fighters 2 official
Ghana                  5 fighters 2 official
Korea                  25 fighters 2 official
India                   10 fighters 2 official
Tajikistan            10 fighters 2 official
Qatar                  1 fighters no official
Lebanon              8 fighters 2 official
Italy                   6 fighters 2 official
Greece               30 fighters 2 official
Romania             33 fighters 2 official
Sakha                6 fighters 1 official
 Egypt                6 fighters 2 official
China                 20 fighters 2 official
Pakistan             20 fighters 2 official
Oman                 5 fighters 2 official
USA                   5 fighters 2 official
UAE                   4 fighters 2 official
Kyrgyzstan         4 fighters 2 official
Trinidad Tobago  3 fighters 2 official
England              2 fighters 2 official
Philippine            4 fighters 2 official

4th WFK World Championship (Full contact ,Low kick)
WFK TWCOC 2nd Coordination commission meeting

2nd Coordination commission meeting with organization committee of WFK 4th world Championship between the World Federation of Kickboxing WFK and The Tbilisi World Championship Organizing Committee (TWCOC) was held in Tbilisi on 12th May 2007 at the conference room of department of sports of Georgia.
General Soso Dolidze President of Georgia Kickboxing Association and EB member of World Federation of Kickboxing invited all sponsors and WFK marketing committee members and vice-President of department of Sports to cooperation.
TV Sports Georgia will full support WFK world championship 2007.

Don't lose Georgia
Posted date: 17 may 2007

What is noticeable for the governments and Kickboxing Federations these days is WFK development.

I as the president of WFK marketing committee came to Georgia for the first time in order to survey the General SoSo Dulize's possibilities.

Every thing is ready in fact , Championships will be promoted in the high level. Yet 40 countries present at June WFK great event.

My friends in organization committee are attempting full time to promote WFK event in a high level.

We will visit you at 7th June in Tbilisi.

WFK World Championship 2007

Full contact and Low kick

7th June to 10th June 2007



To: WFK National Representatives


Dear Friends,


On behalf of the Organizing Committee It is our great privilege to invite you to attend to this prestigious event of world Championships - 2007 at Tbilisi . 

All of you invited to this beautiful city of Tbilisi which is known as the tourist place and its peoples are very friendly. 


The World Championships offers good opportunity to men and women of juniors & seniors to participate in the full contact style the following will be the age group and Conditions.
1) Weight Categories

A)       Cadets                                                      10 - 12  Years

B)       Cadets                                                       13 - 15  Years

C)      Juniors                                                       16 - 17 Years

D)      Seniors                                                       18 - 35 Years



Cadets 10-12 years old

21 kg , 24 kg, 28 kg, 32 kg, 36 kg,40kg,+40kg


Cadets 13-15 years old

44 kg , 48 kg, 52 kg, 56 kg, 60kg,  65kg ,+65kg


Juniors 16 -17 Years old

48 kg , 51 kg, 54 kg, 57 kg, 60kg, 63.5kg , 67kg,71 kg ,75 kg, 81 kg, 86 kg,+86kg


Men 18 -35 Years old

 51 kg, 54 kg, 57 kg, 60kg, 63.5kg , 67kg,71 kg ,75 kg, 81 kg, 86 kg, 91kg ,+91kg


Women 18-35 Years old

 48 kg, 52 kg, 56 kg, 60kg,  65kg ,+65kg


I   Accommodation

          One Star Hotel:                                          per person per night 20 $ usd

          Tow Star Hotel:                                          per person per night 30 $ usd 

          Tree Star Hotel:                                         per person per night 40 $ usd

          Four Star Hotel:                                         per person per night 50 $ usd










08.00 Hours - 15 Hours

Final arrival of team


16.00 Hours 18.00 Hours

Referee & Judges Workshop WORLD FEDERATION OF KICKBOXING and Trainers and Instructors   Seminar


18.00 Hours 20.00 Hours

Registration of team & weighing medical examination & Team Manager meeting and official draw



09.00 Hours 10.00 Hours

Referee & Judges Meeting


10.00 Hours - 16.00

Preliminary Bouts


17.00 Hours-20.00

Opening Ceremony and Gala



09.00 Hours 10.00 Hours

Referee & Judges Meeting


10.00 Hours 18.00 Hours

Quarter Finals and Semi Finals


18.00 Hours-20.00

General Assembly



09.00 Hours 10.00 Hours

Referee & Judges Meeting


10.00 Hours - 16.00

Finals Fights


16.00 Hours-20.00

Medal ceremony and best final fights



09.00 Hours 12.00 Hours

Departure of teams





We invite you to come and enjoy the Tbilisi city of Georgia and will be a part of action in the World Championship 2007.


Yours sincerely,

Leaders of Tournament

Professor. Soso Dolidze

President of Georgia Kickboxing and Martial Arts Association

WFK Executive Board Member

WFK European Vice-President


Sardor Tashkhodjaev Amanovich
Secretary General of World Federation of Kickboxing  WFK
President of Uzbekistan Federation of Kickboxing


Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri
President of World Federation of Kickboxing WFK
President of WFK-I.R of Iran