WFK Canada                                                                22 March 2006

CKA/CASK originally developed from the task of selecting Canadian National Amateur teams to compete in international events. CKA/CASK continues select, train and send Canadian teams across North America and overseas for world and international events. In the past few years, CKA/CASK has sent teams to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and North and South America. There exists many possibilities for athletes wishing to take their talents and development to a higher level. CKA/CASK will full support WFK world championship 2006 and will take part with full team in this mega event.

AFK women committee chairperson                           21 March 2006

Report by Mrs.Gulbahar Amantaeve chairperson of AFK women committee
Election of administration of WFK women committee rules.
Attention to: the candidates participating in administrative of women committee elections of World Federation of Kickboxing (WFK)

26th April until 1st May 2006

The election condition of candidates and main and secondary members are announced by the general secretary of AFK election assembly:

1) Candidates conditions

Each country is allowed to introduce only there (3) persons as candidates from its side.

Each candidate should have CV with a copy of his/her passport, a 3*4 photo (with black coat and cravat and white shirt).

All the documents must be sent to WFK president or general secretary office just 10 days before election assembly ( 18th April 2006).

2) Voters

Voters are the persons who have been introduced to WFK by national Olympic committee or sport ministry of their country in order to attend at elections.

Only the countries who have been introduced by WFK as governmental representative (national-governmental federation), have the right to vote.

Voters must be introduced to WFK president or general secretary offices just before 18th April 2006.

3) Supervisors

The supervisors are introduced by WFK; they do not have the right to vote. They only supervise and control the election health.

In accordance with its rules and constitution, WFK federation should hold its elections under the supervision of Ministry Sports of the host country. So, the representative of national Olympic committee of Uzbekistan as the main supervisor and WFK representative as the secondary supervisor will attend at WFK elections and general assembly.

WFK Russia                                                             20 March 2006

Report by Russian Kickboxing Federation Vice-President Mr.ragib abdulaev.

Any national sport club, who would like to be a member of WFK Russia,

And a part of this powerful federation and take part in WFK 3rd World Kickboxing Championship Uzbekistan, should deliver a request letter and official application from  until 26th march 2006.

WFK Tajikistan                                                     19 March 2006

According WFK constitution and rules Governmental members are the main members of general assembly. Governmental members are the ones whose government has introduced them to WFK or one of the continental federations under cover of WFK, from the ministry sport or national Olympic committee of their country in an official letter, Tajikistan Kickboxing Federation is WFK Governmental member and Professor Bobojan Mohammad Rasolov Vice-president of ministry sports and national Olympic committee of Tajikistan in official member of

WFK and AFK executive Board member.WFK Tajikistan will take part in WFK 3rd world championship with full team in ring and Tatami sports.


WFK U.A.E                                                              18 March 2006

Yousefali Darvishi is WFK representative in UAE. WFK UAE will take part in WFK 3rd world championship with athletes for Tatami sports.

WFK Azerbyjan                                                      16 March 2006

W.F.K Azerbyjan was founded just when the kickboxing society had been in maze for some time. W.F.K. was founded for the lake of an international federation that can solve the present problems existing in Amateur kickboxing of the world and arrange this sport. WFK Azarbyjan participated in WFK2nd world kickboxing championship with 23 athletes and in this year they will take part in WFK 3 rd world championship with 50 athletes. WFK Azerbyjan is one of the serious candidate for promotion of WFK 1st European championship. Baku city is in the waiting list and during WFK 3rd General Assembly WFK Executive Board will find best place for host city of WFK 1st European championship.




WFK DPR Korea                                                       15 march 2006

Report by National Kickboxing Federation of DPR Korea

WFK 1st World Super championship 2006 Host City

The President of the WFK Mr.Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri; The Governor of the Sport Authority of Pyongyang and the President of the National Olympic Committee of DPR Korea. and IMGC president Prof .Chang Ung today signed the Host City Contract for the WFK 1st World Super championship Olympic Style) 2006 . The first ever edition of the WFK 1st World Super championship 2006 Host City will be held in Pyongyang -DPR Korea from August 22 29, 2006 during 2nd IMGC Games wherein following 9 sports will be competed.

1. Karate

2. Taekwando

3. Wushu

4. Kickboxing

5. Unifight

6. Syrum

7. Pankration

8. Kung fu

9. Aikido


WFK Uzbekistan                                                    14 march 2006

Под занавес Навруза столицу Узбекистана ждёт ещё один весенний праздник - теперь спортивный. Таким его видит президент Узбекской Федерации Кикбоксинга Сардор Ташходжаев.
- Турнир международного значения пройдёт в Ташкенте не впервые. Состоялись международные соревнования в 90-х годах, а в 2003-2005 годах официальные чемпионаты Азии. Предстоящий весенний праздник кикбоксинга пройдёт в рамках олимпийского движения.

Главная особенность нынешнего мирового чемпионата в том, что кикбоксинг делает очень серьёзный качественный шаг - он будет проходить максимально дисциплинированно, предъявляются очень серьёзные требования к спортсменам, судьям, организации самого чемпионата.

WFK Armenia                                                         13 march 2006

Report by Armenia Kickboxing Association

I as president of WFK Armenia would like to inform you that Armenia Kickboxing Association will take part with Ring sports team in to WFK 3rd world kickboxing championship in Uzbekistan with more 43 fighter.

WFK Qatar                                                              12 march 2006

Report by Qatar Kickboxing Federation.

We would like to inform you that Qatar Kickboxing Federation will take part with full team in
Tatami sports to WFK 3rd world kickboxing championship in Uzbekistan.

WFK Sierra Leone                                                      11 march 2006

Report By ministry Sports of Sierra Leone
We would like to hereby acknowledge you that the Sierra Leone Kick boxing and Muay thai Federation is recognized by ministry Sports of Sierra Leone .Mr. President of the Sierra Leone Kick boxing and Muay thai Federation is Mr. Joseph Kaneka Kanu. Sierra Leone Kick boxing Federation supports the WFK and AFK. The Sports Ministry of Sierra Leone support all activities of sole African Kickboxing Federation AKF and also World Federation of Kickboxing WFK too . Please accept the assurances of our best appreciation and consideration.

Director of Sports




WFK Georgia                                                                  10 March 2006

Report by Georgia Kickboxing and Martial Arts Association president Mr.Soso Dolidze.

We would like to inform you that Georgia Kickboxing-Martial Arts association will take part with full team in WFK 3rd world kickboxing championship in Uzbekistan.




WFK Uzbekistan                                                              9 March 2006

welcome to
WFK 3rd World Kickboxing Championship
Biggest Multi Event
selection for Olympic of Martial Arts (IMG 2nd Games)
TATAMI SPORTS (Semi contact, Light contact, Body contact, Form & Weapons ,Self defense)
RING SPORTS (Full contact, Low kick, Thai boxing,Oriental)



WFK Cameroon                                                                8 March 2006

Report By Cameroon Karate Kickboxing Association
We would like to hereby acknowledge you that the Cameroon karate kickboxing association is recognized by Cameroon Sport Ministry .Mr. President of the Cameroon karate kickboxing association is Mr. Pasteur, ASSIGUENA Florent. Furthermore, the Cameroon karate kickboxing association is the only and sole entity governing the kickboxing activities in Cameroon . Cameroon karate kickboxing association supports the WFK and AKF (African Federation). The Sports Ministry of Cameroon support all activities of sole African Kickboxing Federation AKF and also World Federation of Kickboxing WFK too with administration as follow: WFK president: Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri and WFK Secretary General: Sardor Tashkhodjaev. Please accept the assurances of our best appreciation and consideration.

WFK India                                                                        7 March 2006
report by south Asian kickboxing federation president

As per the decision taken by the 5th General Assembly of WFK held in Iran, the 2nd open Asian Kick boxing championship was held in India at Bangalore city from 25th Feb. to 1st March,2006 In this championship participants and officials from many Asian countries participated in the event. During this period on 24th and 25th Feb.2006, Referees and Judges Training camp, seminar and examination was conducted and in this training camp 30 participants got qualified as world Referees and judges by passing  the examination. They also participated as Referees and Judges in the 2nd open Asian kick boxing championship.

The 6th General Assembly of WFK was held on 26th Feb. 2006 during which time, discussions were held regarding smooth conduct of 3rd WFK world kick boxing championship in Uzbekistan and it was also decided about other Continent championships. The meeting also discussed about introducing of new mode of kick boxing for inclusion in Olympic sport and this new mode of fighting would be suitable for all the 4 modes of practitioners of kick boxing. The Assembly also decided to conduct championship under new mode in three weight category both male and female during the 3rd WFK world championship. It was also declared that AFK is the sole body in kick boxing in Asia which is affiliated to WFK and Mr. Manouchehri is the President of WFK. The meeting also discussed regarding securing continuous recognition from OCA for this sport by furnishing the necessary information to OCA as and when asked by them. The meeting also decided WFK and AFK to fully support all the IMGC activities and to take part in their events.

The 2nd open Asian kick Boxing championship was inaugurated by WFK President, Mr. Manouchehri on 26th Feb. 2006 in the presence of Mr. A.J. Anandan, IPS (rtd) and among other important dignitaries.

The championship was successfully completed on 1st March 2006. Mr. M.P. Swamy, Dy.Director,SAK Govt. of Karnataka, Mr. Srinivas Gowda, Dy. Director,SAK,Mr.Nanjegowda,Dy . Director SAK, Mr. Ajaz Ali, Joint Director Sports Authority of Karnataka were among those present and distributed the medals and certificates to the winners. During this time, the National championship winners and Asian Championship winners were declared to represent our country for the forth coming 3rd WFK world championship and also all qualified referees and judges to act as referees and Judges in this championship.

The participants from 26 states of the country participated in the event and Indian team became the overall champions.Mr . Manaouchehri was all the praise to Mr. M.H. Abid in his speech for the efficient conduct of the event and looking at His activities and his technical abilities in kick boxing described him as big master and in the 6th General Assembly it was declared that he be the Chairman of Referees and Judges for four year term of WFK.

Mr. M.H. Abid in his closing ceremony thanked all the foreign participants, delegates, Indian team, and those who participated as Referees and Judges for all the support in making the event a successful one. Special thanks were due to Mr. K.C. Rama Murthy, IPS, Commissioner for Youth Services & Sports,Govt. of Karnataka and Director General Sports Authority of Karnataka and to Mr. K.V. R. Tagore, IPS, Director General, Publicity & Information, Government of Karnataka for providing transport to delegates and all the support. Thanks are also due to Dr. Daddi andDr.Patil,Chairman of Medical Committee for arranging to depute medical team from Government Hospital. Mr.A.J. Anandan, IPS (Rtd) arranged for the police security

Thanks were also due to the staff of Sports Authority of Karnataka, for providing Indoor stadium, to the Press and Electronic media for covering the event.

M.H. Abid

WFK Japan                                                                                    6 march 2006

Japan Kickboxing Federation is new member of WFK and AFK. ,Japan kickboxing federation recognized with WFK and AFK during 6th Executive Board Member meeting of AFK in Bangalore city.

World Kickboxing Games Coordination Committee Meeting       5 march 2006

The first meeting of the World Kickboxing Games Coordination Committee for the IMG 2ng Games to be held in Pyongyang DPR Korea in August 2006 will be held in Hamedan from 8th to 10 th of March 2006. The Committee will head by Mr. Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri, President WFK during WFK Asian title 75kg full contact .

6th AFK Executive Board Meeting                                                3 march 2006

The 6th AFK Executive Board Meeting successfully concluded in Bangalore on 28th of February, 2006. The meeting was chaired by Mr.Manouchehri WFK /AFK President and Mr.Abid WFK referees' committee chairman and promoter of WFK/AFK 2nd Open Asian Kickboxing Championship.

The highlight of the meeting was the progress report presented by the Tashkent World Championship Organizing Committee, which was received and well appreciated by the Board. The Board was of the unanimous view that due to the unique nature of the WFK 3 rd World Championship in Tashkent, the Games should be high-tech and IT. oriented Games.