Iran Martial Arts Federation News

Iranian Women kickboxing Team participated in 4th WFK world championships with full support of Physical Education Organization and National Olympic Committee of I.R Iran, for the first time in history of kickboxing in Iran.

the Team was chosen at the national championships between all Iranian kickboxing associations that are recognized by Sport Authority and National Olympic Committee of Iran , and reach to the final stage during the monition National Kickboxing camps.

This team is constituted under supervision of the only federation and responsible of all kickboxing organization of Iran namely Federation of all martial arts, and took First Place of 4th WFK world championship Georgia).

WFK 4th Judges and referees Workshop

As per the decision taken by the WFK Executive Board meeting in Tajikistan last march, WFK world kickboxing Championship was held in Georgia-Tbilisi city from 7th until 10th june,2007. In this championship participants and officials from many countries participated in the event. During this period on 6th June, Referees and Judges Training camp, seminar and examination was conducted and in this training camp 30 participants got qualified as world Referees and judges by passing the examination. They also participated as Referees and Judges in the WFK world kick boxing championship.

4th WFK General Assembly 2007

The 4th WFK general assembly was held in 10th until 12th June 2007 in Soplis Sakhli hotel with the attendance of Kyrgyzstan, Iran, India, Russia, Ukraine, Belgium, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Nigeria, Ghana, Turkey, Tajikistan, Philippine, Pakistan, UAE, Qatar, Italy, Bulgaria, England,
and WFK representatives and also multi sport company representative. During this meeting the below subjects were considered and the representatives confirmed them:
1-WFK Administration election 2007-2011
2-The last changes in WFK constitution
3-Arranging the time of holding Asian Martial Arts Games and 3rd IMG

The 4th WFK General Assembly held in Tbilisi City on 12th June, 2007 elected the following WFK Executive Board Members for 2007 - 2010:

Professor Chang Ung
IOC Member
WFK honorary President

Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri
WFK, MGCA president
IMGC vice-President

Bobojon Mahamadrasulov
WFK Secretary General
NOC Tajikistan vice-President

Muzammal Nawaz
WFK Vice-President
Canada Kickboxing Federation President

Mireille Pechard
WFK vice-president
Madagascar Kickboxing Federation President

Mohammad Hassaniuddin Abid
WFK Vice-President
India kickboxing Federation President

Dell Mann
WFK Vice-President
England Kickboxing Federation President

Alessandro Birk
WFK Vice-President
Italy Kickboxing Federation President

Keleshyan Gevoprg
WFK Vice-President
Armenia Kickboxing Federation President

Soso Dolidzeh
WFK Vice-President
Georgia kickboxing Association President

Jonathan Makiling
WFK Vice-President
Philippine Full Contact Federation President

Brendon Burke
WFK Executive Board Member
National Kickboxing Council of Trinidad & Tobago President

Hassan Ssekirime
WFK Executive Board Member
Uganda Kickboxing Federation President

Reported by National Kickboxing Federation of Georgia , 4th WFK World Kickboxing Championship was opened by Mr.Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri the president of WFK  and Dr. Abdulreza Savar Vice-President of Sport authority of Iran and NOC member ;  with the attendance of 512 sportsmen of 32 Countries at the International sports complex of Georgia  in Tbilisi city . These championships which were broadcasted lively via radio stations and international and satellite networks, informed of the attendance of world countries' strong teams !
These games were planned towards joining the kickboxing sport to the World Martial Arts and Asian Martial arts games.
30 international referees, who have been trained in World Federation of Kickboxing (WFK) and passed the judgment courses successfully, started the games simultaneously in ring.
During 3 laborious days, finally referees could end these games acceptably, with their family judgments. At the end Iran ,Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan gained the first, second and third positions in proper order.

32 countries participated in 4th WFK world championships 2007

Ukraine and Russia paid attention and took part in our championships, where that Armenia , Azerbaijan , Turkey ,Nigeria, Ghana. Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Germany, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, India, Turkmenistan,
UAE, Qatar, Syria ,Georgia and many nations participated with more 500 fighters in the 4th WFK world championships.
totally 32 national from Europe and Africa and Asia participated and for the first time in the history of kickboxing sports in Iran ,national kickboxing team of Iran took part with full support of National Olympic Committee and Sport Authority of Iran in the WFK world championships 2007. Iran Team including 36 fighters took first place of the world championship in Low kick style Men division and Full Contact Women Division. more information coming soon.

VIPs in 4th WFK world championships

According to invitation of WFK to Sport ministers and presidents of National Olympic Committee of several countries, this year the closing ceremony WFK world championships will promote better than last year.

Because to report of organization committee (TOCWC) vice-president of physical education and member of national committee of Islamic republic of Iran and several people of official's members in Belgium Sport authority and many countries announce that, they will attendance at Medal ceremony of 4th WFK world championship at 10th June 2007.


Moreover, WFK General Assembly will make a hard decision in order to defense of athletes rights and WFK members across world and will announce its result to GAISF Officials.

WFK in Iran
Iranian National kickboxing Team

According to the T.V. report of Republic Islamic of Iran, National Team of Republic Islamic of Iran, for the first time in history of kickboxing of this country, after promoting 4 mounts important camps in Tehran and after promoting the biggest National championships, Iran kickboxing councils constitute under supervision of martial arts federation.

Iran National Team will leave Tehran to Tbilisi at 7th June.

Iran Team will participant in 4th WFK world championships with full support of Physical Education Organization and National Olympic Committee of I.R Iran, for the first time in history of martial arts in Iran.

This Team is chosen at the same championships between all Iranian kickboxing associations that promoted during the 6 mounts before, and reach to the final stage during the monition camps.

This team is constituted under supervision of the only federation and responsible of all kickboxing sport of Iran namely Federation of all martial arts, that it will participant in the 4th WFK world championships.

The 4th world WFK championships

Last Year President of Kickboxing Federation of Canada and this year president of Iran Martial Arts Federation

When we started our activity, the other organization made explosion and by sending letters wanted to obstruct our activity. But soon WFK prove that it is universal.
During past years we were the best in promoting the championships and events and today we are proud to invite you to the 4th WFK world championship in Tbilisi at second week of June 2007.
Tbilisi is trying to be the host of 40 countries, these days.
Tbilisi is experience remember able days.
I remember that last year in WFK world championship that was promote with attendance of 45 countries in Tashkent , one of the president's member of WFK federation went into the ring and show a marvelous fight with an Iranian fighters in front of eyes more than 10000 bystanders.
This year, during the WFK world championship 2007, President of Federation martial arts of Iran Mohammad Nouhi - will enter to the WFK ring to gain the medal.
Mohammad Nouhi is President of martial arts Federation of Iran, and he is responsible of all activates kickboxing of Iran too.
he will enter to WFK ring with Iranian kickboxing national Team including 39 athletes with the support of physical education and national Olympic committee of Republic Islamic of Iran at WFK world championships 2007.
WFK is glad that martial arts officials from different country will join to WFK one after another.