WFK DPR Korea, Thailand, India                                     27th June 2006

official meeting between WFK India and WFK Thailand and WFK DPR Korea was during
official meeting with National Olympic committee of Korea with IMGC secretary General.
result of the meeting will be attached by WFK official package June 2006.

Congratulatory Massage from IOC President

To: the Participants and Organizers of the 2nd International Martial Arts Games

1-ITF (International Taekwon-Do Federation)
2-WFK (World Federation of Kickboxing)
3-IWUF (International Wushu Federation)
4-IFPA (International Federation of Pankration Atlima)
5-WOF (World Oriental Federation)
6-WMF (World Muay Thai Federation)
7-WCKA (World Chinese Kung-Fu Federation)
8-WSC (World Sillat Council)
9-FIAS (Federation International De Amateur Sambo)
10-IOUL (International Organization of Line &Dragon Dance)
11-ISU (International Sirum Union)
12-FIAU (Federation International of Amateur Unifight)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The President of the International Olympic Committee, Dr Jacques Rogge, has asked me to extend his congratulations and gratitude to all of and to read the following message on his behalf.

"I regret not being able to share the joy and excitement of the International Martial Art Games directly with you this time. It is, however, my pleasure to be represented by my colleague, IOC member Professor Chang Ung at this event.

Martial art, like all sports, plays an important role in today's society. It allows for physical performance and achievement on all different levels. Further, it impacts positively on mind and will and contributes in an important way to the promotion of all the values that are linked to sport. We all know how important it is that values such as respect and fair play are an integral part of sport and our society.

The Martial Art Games also provide and important platform to promote your sport worldwide. Your example will attract many more people, particularly Young people, to practice your sport. Be aware how important this role as a model is for future generations.

I sincerely wish all the participants, organizers and volunteers great success and the best of luck for the 2nd International Martial Art Games.

Thank you,
Jacques Rogge
IOC President

WFK DPR Korea                                                                7th June 2006
WFK World Super Championship  2006 DPR Korea


On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I have the honor of inviting you to the 2nd International Martial Arts Games (IMG) to be held in Pyongyang, DPR Korea, from August 22 to 29, 2006.

The 2nd International Martial Arts Games will be supported by the Government of the DPR Korea and the People's Committee of Pyongyang City.

We assure that we'll make the Games an important opportunity to exchange experiences and cherish friendship among martial arts people worldwide and will do our best to provide you with pleasant and enjoyable stay in Pyongyang.

Enclosed herewith please find the details pertaining to the Games.

Welcome to Pyongyang!

Yours in martial arts,


Hwang Pong Yong
Korean Martial Arts Federation,


2nd International Martial Arts Games

1. Date
August 22 – August 29, 2006 (7nights/8days )

2. Venue
Sports Village in Chongchun Street, Pyongyang, DPR Korea

3. Hosted by
Korean Martial Arts Federation
Contact person: President Hwang Pong Yong
Address: Chukjon-dong, Mangyongdae dist., Pyongyang, DPR Korea
P.O. Box : 800
Tel: 850-2-28111(Ext.8677)
Fax: 850-2-381-4539 /4410

4. Sport
Taekwon-Do, Sambo, Aikido, Kick Boxing, Pankration, Kung-Fu, Go, Sirum(Korean style wrestling), Wushu, Karate-Do, Tangsudo, Sillat, Muay Thai and so on.

Any martial artist who belongs to either international martial arts federation or national martial arts games committee (NMGC) or any individual martial art organization.

6. Method
Competition, Demonstration,

  • Competition: Taekwon-Do, Sambo, Kick-boxing, Pankration, Kung-Fu, Go, Sirum, Wushu, Karate-Do, Tangsudo (9 sports).
    Competition will be conducted according to the rules/regulations of their respective international federations.
  • Demonstration: Any individual or team of any martial arts are encouraged to demonstrations and particularly the traditional demonstrations inherent to any regional and country are welcome. There is no limit in its contents, and music and spotlight will be available.
    Duration of a demonstration should not exceed 10 minutes.


7. Awards
Gold, silver and bronze medals and diplomas will be awarded to the top 3 winners in competition.
Cups of the Games shall be awarded.

8.Technical Officials

  • The Organizing Committee shall be responsible for the competition management during the Games under the guidance of the respective international federations.
  • Every participating team should bring one umpire/referee with them to the Games.
    Umpires should forward their valid certificates at registration.
  • The Organizing Committee will be responsible for umpires'full accommodations from August 22 to 29, 2006.


9. Competitors
One competitor can enter only one sport.
Each competitor is required to hold his/her Life Insurance Certificate.
Competitors must follow the dress code of their events. And they must bring with them their equipments for competition.

10. Expenses

  • Travel cost: Participants should pay for their travel from their country to Pyongyang.
  • Accommodations : 8days/7nights (package)-US$ 280 (US$40 per day per person)
    The expenses include the followings : - Full accommodations including breakfast, lunch and dinner
    - Local transportation to/from airport - hotel and to/from hotel - Gymnasiums
    - Use of training facilities in gymnasiums
    - Farewell party
    - Interpreter Organizing Committee shall prearrange accommodations for the participants.
    All participants are kindly required to pay for their accommodations at registration as soon as they arrive. Those who arrive in Pyongyang earlier than August 22 and stay longer than August 29 for their convenience must pay US$ 70 per day for their accommodations (breakfast included).
  • Participation fee: All competitors and coaches must pay US$ 20 per person for their participation.


11. Entries:

  • Preliminary entry (Entry by number)
    All participating teams must submit their preliminary entry forms to the Organizing Committee not later than April 30, 2006.
    -Preliminary entry forms include the followings; association (address, tel, fax, e-mail), number of team members (team leader, coach, competitor, umpire and other officials) and sport/event.
    -Address of the Organizing Committee of the 2nd IMG
    Chukjon-dong, Mangyongdae dist, Pyongyang, DPR Korea
    P.O.Box: 800
    Tel: 850-2-18111 (Ext: 8677)
    Fax: 850-2-3814539
  • Final entry (Entry by name)
    All participating teams must submit their final entry forms to the above Address not later than July 20, 2006.
    Final entry forms include the followings; association (address, tel, fax, e-mail), list of team members (full name, gender, date of birth, passport No., sport/event to be entered) and the date of arrival/flight details.
  • Preliminary and final entry forms must be typed in English and signed by the President and Secretary General of their Associations.


12. Registration
All participants must register in Sosan Hotel on August 22, 2006.

  • At registration they should show their passports and forward their 2 photos for the ID card.
  • They must pay for their full accommodations and participation fees.
  • They should confirm their competition events based on their final entries.
  • At registration every participating team of each sport should forward their two national flags (1x2 m) and national anthem CD.


13. Visa

  • Those who wish to visit the DPR Korea for the Games should send to the Organizing Committee via mail, fax or e-mail the following details necessary for their visas not later than July 20, 2006; full name, gender, date of birth, nationality, citizenship, occupation, present address,No. & type of passport, tel., fax, e-mail, Consulate to get the visa, the dates of arrival/departure.
  • One can get his/her visa from the DPR Korea Embassy/Consulate in his/her country. But if there is no Embassy/Consulate of DPR Korea in his/her country, he/she can get it from the Consulate in Beijing or Shenyang, China, the Consulate in Moscow or Vladivostok, Russia.


14. Travel
a) Airline

  • To/from Beijing –Pyongyang (every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)
    Departure from Beijing; 11:30
    Departure from Pyongyang; 08:10
    ※ Air Koryo in Beijing
    Tel: 86-10-65011557/65011559 (city)
    86-10-64591253 (airport)
    13801175843 (mobile)
    Fax; 86-10-65012591
  • To/from Shenyang-Pyongyang (every Wednesday and Saturday)
    Departure from Shenyang; 15:00
    Departure from Pyongyang ; 12:30
    ※ Air Koryo in Shenyang
    Tel; 86-24-23251922/23251937
    86-13889397066 (mobile)
    Fax; 86-24-23251936
  • To/from Vladivostok-Pyongyang (every Thursday)
    Departure from Vladivostok; 19:30
    Departure from Pyongyang; 7:50
    ※ Air Koryo in Vladivostok
    Tel; 7-423-2307684
    Mobile; 9027049286
b) Train
To/from Beijing-Pyongyang (every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday)
Departure from Beijing; 17:20
Departure from Pyongyang; 10:10


As August in Korea is summer season, temperature is usually about 25℃~28℃.

16.Schedule of the 2nd International Martial Arts Games
Aug 22 (Tue)           Arrival/registration
Aug 23 (Wed)          Representatives' Meeting
                                 Umpire Course
                                 Weigh-in, Draw-lots, Coaches' Meeting
                                 Opening Ceremony
Aug24 (Thu)            Competition, Demonstration
Aug25 (Fri)              Competition, Demonstration
Aug26 (Sat)              Competition, Demonstration
Aug27 (Sun)              Competition, Demonstration
                                 Overall demonstration
Aug28 (Mon)              Friendship Gathering
                                 Closing Ceremony
                                 Farewell Party
Aug29 (Tue)              Departure

Organizing Committee
2nd International Martial Arts Games
Tel: 850-2-18111 Ext: 8677
Fax: 850-2-3814539/3814410

WFK INDIA                                                                4th June 2006

Report by AFK Secretary General.
Dear Friends,
I take great pleasure to inform you that the 2nd International
Martial Arts Games Committee IMGC has organized the 2nd International
Martial Arts Games in Pyongyang, DPR Korea from 22nd to 29th August
2006. Twelve Martial Arts Discipline
have joined together to form the International Martial Arts Games
from the year 1999 kickboxing is one of the disciplines in IMGC and the
world federation of the kickboxing (WFK) is the member of IMGC. I also
feel proud to inform you that the IMGC President Mr. Chang Ung, Inter
National Olympic Committee (IOC) Member, Advisor to Olympic council Of
Asia President, Member Of Sports For All Commission IOC and Member Of
International Relation Commission, IOC.
I am happy to invite all of you on behalf of WFK and AFK to
participate in the kickboxing event at the IMGC Games .Please contact
the WFK and AFK office for details regarding the visas for DPR Korea
.Kindly refer to the website for all details.
Looking forward to meeting all of you on 22nd august 2006 in
Pyongyang. DPR Korea.

Thanking you
Mohammed Hassnuddin Abid
Secretary General AFK,
Executive Member WFK,
Chairman Referee and Judges Committee,

WFK DPR Korea                                                            3rd  June 2006

Report by WFK office
WFK world Super championship
Standard Mode
Style: Original Style (Full contact)
Weight: 54kg ,57kg,60kg,63.5kg,67kg,71kg,75kg,81kg,86kg,+86kg
Rules: WFK amateur class A (5 round 1.30 min)
Promoter: Korean Kickboxing Federation With the Support of National Olympic committee of DPR Korea
Recognized: With Olympic of Martial Arts IMGC
Participation: 16 countries, African Continent 4 American Continent 4 Asian continent 4 European continent 4

WFK DPR Korea                                                            1st June 2006

The 2nd Coordination Committee meeting for the 4th WFK World championship 2006 to be held in Korea in 22nd August until 29th August 2006 will be held in Pyongyang from 7th to 10th of June 2006 . chairman of this meeting is Mr. Jong Jae Hun IMGC secretary General and The other members present Mr. Mohammad Hassaniuddin Abid President of All India kickboxing federation and WFK Executive Board Member and Mr. Kim Kwang ll Chairman ,Program Commission of the organization committee of the 2nd IMG and President of national kickboxing federation of DPR Korea.

WFK UAE New Members                                               1st June 2006

Mr. Ghasemi Abdullah has been nominated by the AFK to be the Vice President of the WFK from the Middle east  countries.
Mr. Ghasemi Abdullah is the President of the UAE Kickboxing & IKN international .
during the Last General Assembly of WFK that was in Uzbekistan Mr. Ghasemi Abdullah elected as President of Middle east Kickboxing Association.