WFK - Scotland
Posted date: 18th July 07

WFK in Scotland started to work, while it's activity in 68 Countries in world.
The other country added to WFK representations list. Mr. Paul kean is WFK active representative in Scotland, who is host of WFK UK meeting at 1st September.

This meeting is for attendance of Kickboxing Team of Scotland, Wales of England at WFK world championships 2008.

1st Iranian Olympiad Games and Kickboxing
Posted date: 18th July 07

By report of Martial Arts Federation of Islamic Republic of Iran, the first Olympiad of Iranian will promote for 26 Olympic sports and non Olympic sports by National Olympic Committee and Physical Education Organization of Islamic Republic of Iran in Hamedan city- center of world motion of WFK Kickboxing at the last week of August. This Olympiad that is unique in its type, and is inclusive Kickboxing sport will promote in Iran for the first time. In fact, Hamedan is host of the 1st Games of Olympic sports and non Olympic sports that it's budget provided by Hamedan Governor.

Manouchehri WFK President said that: " spectators of these Games will be 500,000 people at least who support by Radio and TV of Iran.

Welcome to Hamedan the oldest exist city of the world

WFK Uganda
Uganda Kickboxing Federation
Posted date: 16th July 07

1st Asian African WFK championships in low kick style will promote in Kampala- Uganda at 23rd- 26th August.
These championships will promote under supervision of Sport Ministry and National Olympic Committee of Uganda by Uganda Kickboxing Federation and 4 Asian Team will be against 4 African Team.
Mr. Hossein Amidi Mehr WFK member executive committee is going to promote General Assembly of African Kickboxing Federation with cooperation of Uganda National Olympic Committee.
Elections of executive committee of WFK African Kickboxing Federation will be the most important program at this General Assembly.
Wait for more complete news.


Today, WFK is very famous at world and many interested countries, and officials in Kickboxing are attaching to the WFK, daily.
In South East Asian , Philippine and its government, there is much respectability for WFK development.
WFK in Philippine is a nongovernmental organization who directed by WFK national federation.
WFK in Philippine is going to promote Asian championships, so WFK officials has many attention to the work of recent WFK representative in Philippine.
You will receive the important news from Philippine's WFK, Soon.

WFK- Azerbaijan and memorable days

WFK Azerbaijan by leadership of the youngest WFK member Mr. Tofiq akberov spends busy days.

Mr. Tofiq akberov is WFK representative in Azerbaijan who undertakes much labor for development of WFK.

Tofigh, who is coach and athlete and WFK representative in Azerbaijan too, is going to detach a complete Team to world championships event 2008 that will promote at Thailand.

Mr. Tofiq akberov could upgrade 4th WFK world championships with attendance of 38 fighters from Azerbaijan Team, to a favorite level.

He is one of the WFK active representatives in East Europe and we hope his success.