ICSSPE/Germany                                                                       24th July 2006

Gudrun Doll-Tepper demands stronger focus on Olympic Education

On 20 July 2006, ICSSPE President Gudrun Doll-Tepper layed a wreath at the
steele of Pierre de Coubertin in Olympia, Greece . Together with Maria Bulatova,
Director of the Ukrainian Center of Olympic Research and Education, she honoured the founder of the Modern Olympics, whose heart is burried at the ancient place.
Invited by the International Olympic Academy, Gudrun Doll-Tepper referred, in
her speech, to the growing significance of the need for education, specifically Olympic education, in humanistic studies. This is because, at many sport science and physical education institutes, a trend towards health-related and biomedical areas of study can be identified.
Both scientists, Gudrun Doll-Tepper and Maria Bulatova, participated in the 7th
International Session for Educators and Officials of Higher Institutes of
Physical Education in Olympia.
Gudrun Doll-Tepper fordert Stärkung der Olympischen Erziehung
Am 20. Juli 2005 legte ICSSPE Präsidentin Gudrun Doll-Tepper im griechischen Olympia einen Kranz zu Ehren Pierre de Coubertins nieder. An dem für ihn errichteten Denkmal würdigte sie hiermit gemeinsam mit Maria Bulatova, Leiterin des Ukrainischen Zentrums für Olympische Forschung und Bildung, den Begründer der Olympischen Spiele der Neuzeit, dessen Herz dort begraben ist.

Eingeladen von der Internationalen Olympischen Akademie, verwies Gudrun Doll-Tepper auf einen zunehmenden Bedarf an Olympischer Erziehung und Bildung im Studium der Sportwissenschaft und der Lehrerausbildung. Dagegen könne man weltweit an vielen sportwissenschaftlichen und -pädagogischen Einrichtungen einen Fokus von Forschung und Lehre auf medizinische und naturwissenschaftliche Themen feststellen.

Beide Wissenschaftlerinnen, Gudrun Doll-Tepper und Maria Bulatova, hielten sich anlässlich der 7. Internationalen Session von Lehrern und Hochschullehrern an der Internationalen Olympischen Akademie auf.

WFK Thailand
2nd Coordination Committee Meeting Of 1st AMAG                     23 July 2006

The Meeting was held in WMF Conference Hall on 22nd July 2006, Chaired by Mr. Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri WFK and MGCA president and WFM Executive Board Members and MGCA vice-Presidents, the other members of the Coordination Committee were:
1. Mr. Mohammad Reza Abdi Asistant of Promoter of 1st MGCA
2. Mr. Mohammad Hassaniuddin Abid MGCA Vice-President and WOF Sec. General
3. Mr. Navid Ghiasi MGCA Marketing Committee Chairman

The objective of the Coordination Committee was to define the roles of the WFK, the Organizing Committees and the Asian and International Federations whose sport have been included in the 1st MGCA Games.

Mr. Manouchehri explained in detail that all sports in the Asian Games will strictly follow the rules and regulations as laid down in the MGCA Constitution and the games will be held under the direct supervision of the MGCA.

All the technical details were discussed with the Asian/International Federations and after a lot of discussions and deliberations the following requests were made by the Asian Federations and FAMA, AFK, ASUPA, FAO, FAU, ATF, requested to Participate in MGCA 1st games.

WFK India                                                                                   20th July 2006

India Kickboxing Federation working so hard to organize big team to take part in WFK/IMG 2nd 22nd until 29th August 2006 at Pyongyang city DPR Korea.

WFK Nepal                                                                                  19th July 2006
Report by Nepal Kickboxing Association

I as president of WFK Nepal would like to inform you that Nepal Kickboxing Association will take part with Ring sports team in to WFK 4th world kickboxing championship in Pyongyang with 4 fighter.

WFK North Korea                                                                        18th July 2006
Won Kil Lee

According WFK constitution and rules Governmental members are the main members of general assembly. Governmental members are the ones whose government has introduced them to WFK or one of the continental federations under cover of WFK, from the ministry sport or national Olympic committee of their country in an official letter, North Korea Kickboxing Federation is WFK Governmental member and Mr. Won Kil Lee is official member of WFK and AFK executive Board member. WFK North Korea full supporting all WFK Activities as sole world federation of kickboxing.

WFK Canada
WFK World championship 2008                                                 15th July 2006

1st Coordination commission meeting with organization committee of WFK 6th world Championship between the World Federation of Kickboxing WFK and World Championship Organizing Committee was held in Tehran on 14th-15th July 2006.

WFK Iran
WFK HQ office                                                                             2nd July 2006

The permanent headquarters of the WFK is in Islamic Republic of IRAN. Mr. Morteza Ghodrati, Director of the office Work at the headquarters and runs all WFK members and international affairs under the direct guidance of the WFK President. He is assisted by a work force of various nationalities consisting of:

1 Mr. Morteza Ghodrati Languages: Persian, Arabic
2 Mr. Mohammad Reza Abdi Languages: Persian ,Russian
3 Mr. Ali Soltani Languages: Persian, Afghani
4 Dr. Mary Amidimehr Languages: Persian ,Thai
5 Mr. Behzad Torabi Languages: Persian
6 Mr. Hossein Oloumi Languages: Persian ,Tajik
7 Mr. Arash Farhadian Languages: Persian ,English
8 Mr. Navid Ghiasi Languages: Persian ,Tajik

Marketing Meeting of WFK                                                            1st July 2006

The WFK held a joint Marketing Meeting in Iran with DOCWC and its Marketing Agents TV international. The Marketing meeting was Chaired by Navid Ghiasi WFK Markting Committee vice President and other seniors members of the WFK Management including Morteza Ghodrati , Head of WFK office, Mrs. Mariana and Mr. Mohammad Reza Abdi, Full contact Director of AFK were also present.

The meeting reviewed in detail the marketing programme for the 2006 and 2007 world and Asian /World championship and President WFK emphasized the fact that though the marketing programme is proceeding satisfactorily yet more should be done in terms of promotion of the games, which in turn will create awareness and attract more Partners and Sponsors.