Marry Christmas and Happy new year

WFK HQ would like to wish the best to WFK members all over the world.
In the last year, WFK was consulting with members and committees and its partners for developing the Kickboxing sport, and the most meetings and discussions have been mad by members. And also new members show that WFK developing made in their countries in the best manners.

In the last year Mr. Auvo Ninikedo the founder of Kickboxing Sport in Finland was honored to receive the Black Belt 8th Dan on behalf of WFK President , while the other superior members in Finland received the Black Belt 6th Dan and 5th Dan .

Also, 3 set National Champions and 2 set Pro titles organized in Iran, and WFK developing in Iran is increasing daily, with a crowd more than 10/000 Fighters.

New members approved in Netherlands, Italy and Russia, and many National Event were organized by them, too.

In Georgia, and Azerbaijan and Armenia like the last years WFK developing have been accomplished, too.

But, we shouldn't forget the activities of Southeast of Asia countries such as Philippine, Bangladesh and Nepal, too. Kickboxing Federation of Philippine is one of the most active in the Southeast of Asia area.

In the African Continent (Uganda, Algeria, Kenya, Cameroon ,Madagascar, Egypt) and in central Asian Asia the countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan and in the Middle east UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain and Iran promoted different Seminars, Meeting and Championships, and summary WFK HQ distanced busy days.

In UK region, EFK and WFK accomplished widespread activity and WFK HQ thanks to promoters in UK area.

WFK HQ is would like to inform you the sport calendar 2010 and 2011 will forward to members soon, and WFK world Championships 2010 will organize in one of the European countries on August 2010.