Active promoters

2007 was one of the most active years for WFK HQ, however Mr. Manouchehri President and Founder of WFK, reached to end of his activity at this year and new WFK President elect during the General Assembly 2008 at April, simultaneous with world championships 2008, but to the last moments he was trying to develop the Kickboxing sport.

Should see who will assume WFK helm?  Now, WFK HQ is organizing the 5th WFK World Championship and WFK General Director is responsible for WFK leading.

Whatever gets after survey is that Mr. Dell mann WFK UK President was elect as the most attractive of WFK Professional Promoter at 2008 and Mr. Manouchehri was elect as the most attractive of WFK Amateur Promoter at 2007.

WFK EB will glorify and appreciate from both active promoters 2007 at 12th April 2008.

Click the following links to see the photos from events that Mr. Dell man has been promote.