EFK Meeting in Paris

Posted date: 17th January 2007

The WFK/EFK European Meeting was held successfully in hotel Radisson SAS Hotel Charles de Gaulle Paris- France on 16th until 18th January 2007, under the president ship of Mr. Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri, President WFK. The meeting was also presided over by Master Dell Mann EFK vice-President from UK and Mr. Kostas Hamilothoris EFK Executive Board member from Greece.

WFK Tajikistan
Tajikistan Kickboxing Federation

Posted date: 16th January 2007

WFK /AFK 3rd Open Asian Kickboxing Championship
                                        22nd-26th February 2007
                                          Dushanbe - Tajikistan

In 22nd February until 26th February 2007, the WFK /AFK 3rd Asian Kickboxing Championship will promote with the attendance of 55 international referees from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Iran ,India, Afghanistan ,Pakistan, Nepal, Philippine, Lebanon, Kuwait, and Turkmenistan and 400 fighters in semi contact, full contact, low kick, and light contact styles, in tow Rings and two Tatamis.
The president of WFK will attend there and he himself glorified the champions.

WFK South Africa
Posted date: 13th January 2007

Grand Master Eddie Jacobsen the hostess of Martial arts meeting in South Africa.
he is head of martial arts in South Africa. WFK South Africa Recognized with the name of Armature kickboxing Association of South Africa are trying formally under ministry of sports and national Olympic committee of south Africa.
WFK-South Africa to set elaborate dyes in direction.

WFK Tajikistan
Posted date: 12th January 2007

Welcome to Republic of Tajikistan Center of Asian Kickboxing Federation 3rd Asian Kickboxing championship will be held 22nd until 26th February 2007 in Dushanbe -Tajikistan for all styles.

WFK Iran Day by Day
Posted date: 13th January 2007
7th WFK-Iran championship will be held in Tehran in march for all styles

WFK Future in OCA
Posted date: 12th January 2007

Mr. Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri , President WFK met with General Chrouck Arirachakaran OCA Executive Board Member and NOC Thailand Secretary General during the WFK -Thailand Foundation Congress to discuss issues concerning the Future of WFK in OCA as well as the future cooperation between WFK and other Martial Arts organizations for the promotion and development of WFK and IMGC in the Asian Continent.

WFK /EFK European Meeting
Posted date: 9th January 2007

16th until 18th January 2007
Mr. Dell Mann invited European members of WFK to first WFK/EFK meeting 2007.


WFK IRAN Taking Applications for World Kickboxing Championship 2007
Posted date: 8th January 2007

It is another exciting year for the sport of Kickboxing. The WFK Kickboxing IRAN a non-profit Kickboxing sanctioning body has the continued support of the World Federation of Kickboxing and Asian Federation of Kickboxing (WFK/AFK). Along with this support from the birthplace of Kickboxing, our organization has once again been asked to select a team of Iran finest athletes to compete in the WFK 4th World Championship (Semi, Light, Full) to be held in Dushanbe, Tajikistan this may 1st~5th May, 2007.

This year, WFK IRAN wishes to form a larger team with Kickboxing athletes from Iran and hope to win more gold medals for IRAN. Originally, WFK IRAN scheduled a us National Tournament on February 15th~16th, 2007.