WFK France
Posted Date: 19th February 2007

According WFK constitution and rules Non-governmental members are the ones whose national federations are not known officially from their government. There members can participate in the general assemblies of world federation but they don’t have the right to vote.
WFK members are all national sport federations that develop and spread kickboxing sport
WFK-France is WFK Non-Governmental member and Mr. Ahmed Zalegh as WFK representative in France starting his activates under the supervision of WFK HQ.


WFK/EFK Amateur Tournament

Date: June 29th and 30th 2007
Place: County Durham England
Promoter :Grand Master Goff Bates
Supervisor: Master Dell Mann
Referee: Mr. John Blackledge

The Asian Championship WFK for the first time in Tajikistan

We start the Third Asian WFK championship, as WFK is known to the peoples as the only cause of the amateur kick boxing in the Asian level. the biggest kickboxing leaders such as Sardor Tashkhodjaev, Alexander Snogovski, Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri, Bobojon Mohammad Rsolof, Kamal Saeid Moradof… at this event will argue about the process to development of the WFK and it's Asian body (AFK).

This event will showing from Tajikistan TV, Asian mid TV by form of direct showing.

Posted date: 4th May2007

Last news from Promoter of WFK/AFK 3rd Open Asian championship 2007 (Tajikistan)

Until now we received list of national federations of India (6 athletes), Azerbaijan (50 athletes), Armenia (12 athletes), (Georgia 5 athletes), Uzbekistan 20 athletes), Tajikistan (88 athletes), Philippine (16 athletes) and Qatar (3 athletes) and Turkmenistan (20 athletes)

Marketing Meeting of WFK
Posted date: 1st February 2007

The WFK held a joint marketing meeting in Tajikistan with DOCWC and its marketing agents TV national and international last night. The marketing meeting was chaired by Mr. Hussian Amidimehr WFK marketing committee chairman and other seniors members of the WFK management including Professor Bobojon Mohamadrasolov , President of AFK , Mr. Kamal Saeed moradof and were also present.
The meeting reviewed in detail the marketing program for the 2007 Asian / World championship and President WFK emphasized the
fact that though the marketing program is proceeding satisfactorily yet more should be done in terms of promotion of the games, which
in turn will create awareness and attract more Partners and Sponsors.

Posted date: 1st February 2007

WFK....Grand Master Presentation.

On Behalf of WFK ,the World Federation of Kickboxing. I Dell Mann President of WFK UK have the greatest honor to announce that master Goff Bates for all his work and achievements within Martial Arts throughout his life time.
has been granted the highest honor within martial arts of grand master.
this presentation will be filmed by English TV.
February 25th 2007