IMGC and GAISF                                                          18th December 2006

Prof. Chang Ung, the IOC Member and Honorary President of IMGC and WFK, and Mr. RI Yong Son, the IMGC Deputy Secretary General, attended the very important meeting for the Martial-Art Federations held in Brussels, Belgium on 18th Dec. 2006, which had been organized by the GAISF.
It was well known fact that Prof. Chang Ung had the talks with Presidents of IOC and GAISF in last Sep. this year and two Presidents recommended him to make the contributions to the quick and fair solution of Martial-Art issues which have been making the big troubles to IOC and GAISF as well as to the combined development of all Martial-Art disciplines as the IOC Member who gets involved in this circle.
Prof. Chang Ung was consequently invited to the above meeting by GAISF
At the meeting, there were the sensitive and comprehensive discussions for the development of Martial-Art disciplines and Prof. Chang Ung made it clear what the purpose and mission of IMGC is and what the legal position and role of IMGC between the Federations recognized and not recognized by GAISF is.
It was really a great opportunity for all the participants to get further understandings among themselves and make up their minds to work together for the unity and developments of the Martial-Art disciplines worldwide.

WFK Sweden                                                                      12th December 2006
Sweden Kickboxing Council Joined WFK

President Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri has recently been to Sweden to meet the leaders of the local kickboxing organizations. a new country has just joined WFK: it is Sweden.

WFK England                                                                      11th December 2006

One of the Fast promoters of WFK of the Europe,
Master Dell Man is WFK Representative in UK and he is Vice-President of EFK.

European Federation of kickboxing (EFK)                        10th December 2006
Election of Administration (2007-2011)

It was decided by WFK 7th Executive Board Meeting that EFK election of Administration will be held in January 2007. So WFK /EFK Italy will promote election of EFK Administration During 4th General Assembly of European Federation of Kickboxing EFK in Milan-Italy.

WFK Italy                                                                             9th December 2006
Better Future  for WFK Kickboxing in Italy

A lot of national kickboxing organizations of Italy are interested to join WFK; in this case WFK President will promote WFK Italy Congress in Milan in second week of January 2007.

WFK Pakistan                                                                       8th December 2006
WAKO Pakistan Joined WFK

Report from sole organization of kickboxing in Pakistan
Anwar Mohiuddin WAKO Pakistan president joined WFK. he came back to WFK Pakistan one of the biggest organization of sports in Pakistan.
Pakistan kickboxing federation is member of Sole World federation of kickboxing.

Marketing Meeting of WFK                                                  7th December 2006

The WFK held a joint Marketing Meeting in Iran with TACOC and its Marketing Agents TV international. The Marketing meeting was Chaired by Mr. Hussein Amidimehr Chairman of Marketing committee of WFK/AFK and other seniors members of the WFK Management including Morteza Ghodrati , Head of WFK office, Mrs. Mariana Amidimehr WOF President and Mr. Mohammad Reza Abdi, Full contact Director of AFK were also present. The meeting reviewed in detail the marketing program for the 2006 Asian Championships and President WFK emphasized the fact that though the marketing program is proceeding satisfactorily yet more should be done in terms of promotion of the games, which in turn will create awareness and attract more Partners and Sponsors.

WFK TACOC meeting                                                            5th December 2006

1st Coordination commission meeting with organization committee of WFK 3rd Asian Championship between the World Federation of Kickboxing WFK and The Tehran Asian Championship Organizing Committee (TACOC) was held in Martial Arts Federation Islamic Republic of Iran on 4th December 2006, at the HQ of National Federation in Tehran. Mr. Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri WFK, MGCA President and President of Kickboxing –Oriental Martial Arts Federation  Iran and Mr. Mohammad Nohi President of Martial Arts Federation Iran were in meeting.