Welcome to WFK world Super championship 2006
Pyongyang-DPR Korea
Organization Committee of WFK World Kickboxing Championship

Mr. Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri
WFK, MGCA President

Mr. jong jae Hun
IMGC Secretary General

Assistant promoter:
Martial Arts Federation of DPR Korea
Mr. Hun Hwang Pong Yong

Technical Committee members of POCWC:
Ring A: Mohammad Hassaniudin Abid (India)
Ring B: Sardor Tashkhodjaev (Uzbekistan)
Ring C: Ragib Abdullaev (Russia)
Ring D: Armen Sadoayev (Kazakhstan)
Tatami A: Mohammad reza Abdi (Iran)
Tatami A: Mohammad Rasolov (Tajikistan)

Sosan hotel

Conference hall:
National Olympic Committee conference hall

Olympic Village of Pyongyang

Executive Board meeting:
Martial Arts Federation office
Iran, Uzbekistan, India, Tajikistan, Russia, Thailand, Madagascar, DPR Korea

DPR Korea                                                                               3rd August 2006

TO: All participants in the 2nd IMG


The 2nd IMG to be held in Pyongyang from August 22 to 28 is now getting nearer and nearer.
Our preparation for the Games are complete.
We have spared no effort to ensure that we can celebrate all together the great universal festival of martial arts whose
watchwords are independence, peace, friendship and solidarity.
We thank all of you for your cooperation and help. We will return your support by keeping the promise we made some months ago
and by infusing every part of your visit with a uniquely Korean hospitality and joy.
We assure you that we will fully guarantee your security during your stay in Pyongyang.
I would like to take this opportunity to mention some points.
1) Visa
All of your visas are supposed to be granted from today to the next weekend one by one, when you contact the DPR Korea Embassy in your resident country or in Beijing to get your visas issued. And then you will have to apply for Chinese visa because you will get through China on the way to Pyongyang. If you will have transit at the Beijing airport you needn't Chinese visa.
2) Flight to/from Beijing to Pyongyang
We have booked all participants' air tickets for the above flight.
I already sent you the flight information.
For the reference of those who didn't receive it attached herewith once again please find it.
Please let me know your flight details ( flight No. and the date and time of your arrival & departure) from your country to Beijing for our Air Koryo officials to be able to
deliver your air tickets.
3) National flag and national anthem
Please be noted that you are kindly asked to bring your 2 national flags (1x 2 ) and national anthem in CD or tape cassette.
If you have any further request please feel free to contact me.
Looking forward to seeing all of you in Pyongyang soon.

    Jong Jae                                                   Hun Hwang Pong Yong
  Secretary General                                                    President
           IMGC                                                Korean Martial Arts Federation