8 countries in WFK 1st Afro-Asian Championships

According to the report of Kickboxing Federation of Uganda the WFK 1st Afro- Asian Championships will promote with attendance of 8 countries in Kampala–Uganda capital from 23rd August for 3 days.
The countries such as Iran, Philippine, Pakistan, Nigeria , Uganda, Malawi, Madagascar , and Somalia will be the participant teams at this event.
These Championships will promote under supervision of Sport Ministry of Uganda and with support of National Olympic Committee of Uganda.
This is for the first time in WFK history that promotes the championships in Africa continent.

WFK- Philippine

Mr. Jonathan is President of full contact and Self Reference of Philippine. He is WFK Executive Committee and has been gait steady for WFK development in East Asian.
Mr. Jonathan is responsible for promoting the kickboxing event at 1st Martial Arts Games in Philippine.
He is going to promote a WFK professional event class A at 4th December.

WFK –Uganda

Organization Committee of 1st Afro- Asian WFK championships promote with attendance of members of this committee by presidency of Mr. Hassan Ssikirime President of Uganda Kickboxing Federation and WFK Executive Committee.
This meeting that was in Africana hotel in order to organizing the participant's teams, had successfully results.
Uganda Kickboxing Federation is only national Kickboxing Federation in Uganda that recognize by National Olympic Committee and Sport Ministry of Uganda.
Rules and regulations of this Federation is adjusted and founded according to WFK Rules and regulations.


After passing 4 year from WFK world evolution and development of this Federation across world and promotion 4 world championships, 3 Asian championships and decades small and large events in Europe, African, American, and attendance at the 2nd International Martial Arts Games, now WFK is continuing to its evolution with new Executive Committee include 17 people.
Today, WFK as only organization that recognized by IMGC and MGCA, prepare itself for attendance in 3rd International Martial Arts Games.

WFK has an office in 3rd floor - Fadak building- Mirzadeh Eshghi st. – Hamedan – center civilization of Iranian. WFK has 12 staff.

Also, WFK is establishing the Asian Martial Arts Central Office. This building is structuring in 10th floor and has accommodation for 500 people capacity and Martial Arts salons and also Conference hall and library salon that is structuring with corporation of World Oriental Federation and MGCA. The 10 floor of this building will be WFK central office that will use at 2009.