WFK World Championship 2007


7th June to 10th June 2007



To: WFK National Representatives


Dear Friends,


On behalf of the Organizing Committee It is our great privilege to invite you to attend to this prestigious event of world Championships - 2007 at Tbilisi . 

All of you invited to this beautiful city of Tbilisi which is known as the tourist place and its peoples are very friendly. 


The World Championships offers good opportunity to men and women of juniors & seniors to participate in the full contact style the following will be the age group and Conditions.
1) Weight Categories

A)       Cadets                                                      10 - 12  Years

B)       Cadets                                                       13 - 15  Years

C)      Juniors                                                       16 - 17 Years

D)      Seniors                                                       18 - 35 Years



Cadets 10-12 years old

21 kg , 24 kg, 28 kg, 32 kg, 36 kg,40kg,+40kg


Cadets 13-15 years old

44 kg , 48 kg, 52 kg, 56 kg, 60kg,  65kg ,+65kg


Juniors 16 -17 Years old

48 kg , 51 kg, 54 kg, 57 kg, 60kg, 63.5kg , 67kg,71 kg ,75 kg, 81 kg, 86 kg,+86kg


Men 18-35 Years old

 51 kg, 54 kg, 57 kg, 60kg, 63.5kg , 67kg,71 kg ,75 kg, 81 kg, 86 kg, 91kg ,+91kg


Women 18-35 Years old

 48 kg, 52 kg, 56 kg, 60kg,  65kg ,+65kg


I   Accommodation

          One Star Hotel:                                          per person per night 20 $ usd

          Tow Star Hotel:                                          per person per night 30 $ usd 

          Tree Star Hotel:                                         per person per night 40 $ usd

          Four Star Hotel:                                         per person per night 50 $ usd









08.00 Hours - 15 Hours

Final arrival of team


16.00 Hours – 18.00 Hours

Referee & Judges Workshop WORLD FEDERATION OF KICKBOXING and Trainers and Instructors   Seminar


18.00 Hours – 20.00 Hours

Registration of team & weighing medical examination & Team Manager meeting and official draw



09.00 Hours – 10.00 Hours

Referee & Judges Meeting


10.00 Hours - 16.00

Preliminary Bouts


17.00 Hours-20.00

Opening Ceremony and Gala



09.00 Hours – 10.00 Hours

Referee & Judges Meeting


10.00 Hours – 18.00 Hours

Quarter Finals and Semi Finals


18.00 Hours-20.00

General Assembly



09.00 Hours – 10.00 Hours

Referee & Judges Meeting


10.00 Hours - 16.00

Finals Fights


16.00 Hours-20.00

Medal ceremony and best final fights



09.00 Hours – 12.00 Hours

Departure of teams





We invite you to come and enjoy the Tbilisi city of Georgia and will be a part of action in the World Championship 2007.


Yours sincerely,

Leaders of Tournament

Professor. Soso Dolidze

President of Georgia Kickboxing and Martial Arts Association

WFK Executive Board Member

WFK European Vice-President


Sardor Tashkhodjaev Amanovich
Secretary General of World Federation of Kickboxing  WFK
President of Uzbekistan Federation of Kickboxing


Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri
President of World Federation of Kickboxing WFK
President of WFK-I.R of Iran

WFK Italia

Il 6 maggio prossimo si svolgeranno, presso il Palasport di viale Europa a Terracina(LT), i campionati Italiani WFK-ITALIA e FIST di Light Contact e Full Contact, per l'organizzazione del M.° Alessandro BIRK e dell'istr. Alessandro Tolone, con il patrocinio del Comune di Terracina e dell'assessorato allo sport.


WFK - Wales

According WFK constitution and rules Non-governmental members are the ones whose national federations are not known officially from their government. There members can participate in the general assemblies of world federation but they don't have the right to vote.
WFK members are all national sport federations that develop and spread kickboxing sport
WFK-Wales is WFK Non-Governmental member and Mr. Denzil Lawrence elected as WFK representative in Wales, he is member of WFK-UK Division.
it was decided by WFK UK President Mr. Dell Mann.

WFK - Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

WFK HQ welcome to Mr.Semen Lukin new WFK member and president of Republic of Sakha WFK Federation.
Mr. Semen opened WFK Office in Republic of Sakha and will take part with big team to next WFK world championships.

WFK world championship 2007

Georgia Kickboxing Association, leaded by General Soso Dolidze , is promoting the 2007 senior and Juniors World Championships in full contact style .After the completed success our Asian championships back in march, we are looking forward to organize 4 separate separate world championships in (June ,August, September, October )2007.
WFK World Full contact championships Men and Women division will be held in Tbilisi, We expect about 900 competitors from 40 countries to WFK Full contact world championship 7th until 10th June in Tbilisi Georgia.
for more information please contact WFK HQ.

Postponed world championship 2007

After that successfully promoted WFK Asian championship in Dushanbe city at Tajikistan, the WFK Organization Committee in Dushanbe city is consider to promote one of the biggest Kick Boxing events in Dushanbe at the September in all styles.

In this case, Mr. Manouchehri WFK President and the minister of Sport of Republic of Tajikistan , arranged a meeting and made the contracts.

You will receive to completed news, soon.