The Better future for WFK -Syria

Samir Halima is one of the most good-tempered friends that WFK world community is proud to his presence not only as active referee and judge but also as experienced Advisor in WFK world family.
These days, WFK is in effort to organize an international tournament 2012 in you will read interesting news in this website regarding to M.M.A development in Syria soon.
WFK HQ Wish all the best for WFK Syria

Session of the Organizing Committee of the 7th WFK World MMA & Self defense Championships

First meeting of organizing committee was held by presence of Yasin urlu , Hassan urlu , Moen Nateghi , Mohammad Manouchehri and several members of M.M.A national federation of tukey on 19th November 2011 in Antalya , Turkey.
Modality of the WFK World championships organizing, which has been decided to be organized in the summer of 2012 in Antalya, was considered in this meeting.

Also it was decided that Mr. Yasin urlu be selected as Turkey WFK representative and starts his work till next general assembly.

In addition, 7th WFK world championships and general assembly 2012 will be held by presence of approximately 500 athletes from 40 countries in summer of 2012 in beautiful Antalya city. This championship will be held by patronage of Turkey national federation, Municipality and governor of Antalya.

The National WFK Federations/ Associations
The National MMA & Ultimate Fighting Federations/ Associations
The President, Hon secretary General
Dear Sir/Madam
On behalf of the Board of Directors of World Federation of Known MMA (WFK) I am pleased and honored to invite you to the 6th WFK World Championships in Antalya of Turkey, during the period 14th ~ 20th November 2011.
The 6th WFK World Championships in Antalya of Turkey will offer good opportunities to juniors & seniors to participate in different kind of fighting and Non fighting modes such as Amateur MMA, Self Defense and Breaking.
Please find the practical details of the championships hereunder.
Yours sincerely
On behalf of WFK Board of Directors
Mohammad Reza Abdi
WFK Director General