6th WFK World MMA championships


Finally, after a two-year hiatus, WFK again began to work seriously. WFK world organization started its activities in 2003 and temporarily limited its Amateur activities after Situation of Kickboxing in Sport Accord on 2007.


Eventually, after discussion and negotiation and according to WFK position in World level, WFK resumed its activities as MMA and Self-Defense from 2010.  WFK is the largest and first world MMA ring fainting armature organization which has offices in different continents.


WFK successfully held itself 6th World championships by presence of 137 fighters during the 14th to 16th November in Antalya’s Ataturk sport hall.


According to taken decisions, WFK temporary board of directors was formed until general assembly 2012 when the main board of directors will be selected by members.   


It has been decided that 7th WFK world championships be organized in 2 ring and Tatami styles (MMA and self defense) on September 2012 in Antalya.