2nd WFK World championship

Reported by "Iranian Sports TV" channel, second WFK World Kickboxing Championship was opened by Mr.Gholam Alipour Vice-president of physical education organization Islamic republic of Iran and Mr.Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri ; the president of world Federation of Kickboxing (WFK/AFK), with the attendance of 199 sportsmen of 19 world Countries and more than 4 thousands spectators at the International stadium of Avicenna in Hamedan city center of truism of Iran . These Games which were broadcasted lively via radio stations and international and satellite networks, informed of the attendance of world countries' strong teams !

Just on monday, 12th December at 1:00 pm , Avicenna stadium of Hamedan rang the bell of opening kickboxing games. The opening ceremony arranged by the authorities of sport department, national sport authority and national Olympic committee of Iran and broadcasted lively, surprised everyone. In reality, World federation of Kickboxing (WFK) had provided the condition in such a way that IOC and GAISF officials could attend at it in order to visit what Asians had informed of it before, at close quarters and to present their expertise to GAISF general secretary.

These games were planned towards joining the kickboxing sport to the Olympic games,  Indoor games and World games.

50 international referees, who have been trained in World Federation of Kickboxing (WFK) and passed the judgment courses successfully, started the games simultaneously in 3 rings and 2 tatamis.

During 3 laborious days, finally referees could end these games acceptably, with their family judgments. At the end Iran , Uzbekistan and Syria gained the first, second and third positions in proper order.


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