3rd International Martial arts Games
5th WFK kickboxing World Championships

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Martial Arts including:
1-Taekwon-Do (ITF)
2-Kickboxing (WFK)
3-Muay Thai (WMF)
4-karate (WKC)
5-Oriental (WOF)
6-Pankration (IFPA)
7-Haedong Kumdo & Tang Soo do (WHKTC)
8-Kalaripayat (IKF)
9-Unifight (FIAU)

Date: April 2008
Place: Bangkok- Thailand

Kickboxing art:
1-Rules: WFK
2-Promoter: WFK Thailand recognized by NMGC Thailand
3-Styles: Semi Contact, Light Contact, Full Contact, Low Kick
4-Division: Men, Women, Juniors

WFK Participation:
62 countries more 1200 athletes

Accommodation and Local transportation:
60 EURO per day including the local transportation,
3 meals a day, administration, insurance, medical cover and truism

New part of WFK's constitution
Those members that belong to WFK Federation are not permitted to belong to other Kickboxing organization,
(If the National Kickboxing organizations do not join WFK they can't take part in WFK events even IMG kickboxing division