1-WFK Foundation congress
    Tehran-I.R.Iran, 20th -21st December 03

W.F.K. was founded just when the kickboxing society had been in maze for some time. W.F.K. was founded for the lake of an international federation that can solve the present problems existing in Amateur kickboxing of the world and arrange this sport.

W.F.K. was founded to unify kickboxing sport and standardize it towards the Olympic.

W.F.K. was founded in the last week of December 2003 in Tehran; one of the most crowded city in the world.

The establishment congress of WFK and its Asian federation; AFK, started its work & activities in the common office of the federations of physical education organization in Iran at 10:00 AM, 20th December. For the large number of kick boxers in Iran (more than 200000 persons in 12 national councils) that is really regarded as the high power of kickboxing in Iran and also the action of this sport in Iran, W.F.K. was founded with its center in Iran.

The establishment congress started its activities in 20th December 2003 at 10:00 AM and it was Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri who took the held of leading W.F.K. with the majority of votes.

Manouchehri, who is one of the technical active persons of Asian martial arts in Karate and Muay Thai, owns the world champion titles in kick boxing and Thai boxing styles too. He recognized W.F.K. office very fast and provided the condition to recognize continental federations such as Asian, European and African federations, with holding national and international events in all around the world.

Already, Asian Federation of kickboxing (AFK) has passed 4 general assemblies and owns very glorious records.

It (AFK) only knows W.F.K. officially and it is the permanent WFK’s colleague and friend W.F.K. constitution is amateurship, so it has been made and codified on the base of the principles and regulations of amateur sport and the national Olympic committee of the country’s well cooperation.

Today, W.F.K. is the pretender of amateur kickboxing sport and also has the governmental memberships among the five continents of the world. W.F.K. also owns the annually especial magazine and the continental federations do too.

These days, W.F.K. is moving towards GAISF and OCA & ICSSPE know it well.






















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